Ask Maddy: Lying

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This week, I’m going to talk about lying. I’ve lied to my parents so many times in my life that it isn’t even funny and when I get caught in that action then I feel terrible. I’m sure I’m not the only teen who feels this way though. Recently, well, in the past few months… I’ve lied to them about a lot. Last Tuesday, I felt extremely bad because my parents were just starting to let me go off more and stuff and I lied to my mom about something pointless but in the end it really wasn’t pointless. My mom asked me if I had a Twitter and my response was a no. She looked me up and she seen where I had blocked her from my account. I lied to her because I was cussing and being a completely different person than what I am to them on that social network. Some parents don’t really understand all of that stuff and if I wouldn’t have opened my mouth about one of my friends getting a Twitter, I’m sure she would have never found out but since I opened my mouth, I kind of got myself in trouble. I … [Read more...]