Ask Maddy: Relationships

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Relationships Today, I’m going to talk about relationships because I’m a teenager and I know girls get hurt and so do guys. My best friend has told me a lot about his relationships, which is sometimes a little too much, but he tells me anyways. Guys will do just about anything to make a girl feel wanted. I’ve been put in this position so many times and it hurts, a lot. This post may not benefit the parents but this post will just inform you of how guys act so you can somewhat understand why your daughter is in her room crying her eyes out or whatever the case is. I’m going to rename one of the guys who always does this to me, today, his name will be Chandler. What he does is sends me mixed signals and a ton of guys will do that to girls. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, let me break it down for you. The guy will ask the girl to hangout, so they do… after they’re done hanging out he will tell the girl how great it was and he can’t wait to do it again, so they will plan … [Read more...]