Best Deals On A Kitchen Aid

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I sent a request to Time Dog to help me find the best deal on a Kitchen Aid. I really want one of these for myself. I would love to do some baking. KitchenAid 4.5 Qt. Classic Plus Red Stand Mixer on Amazon Target: ($199.99) Walmart: ($199.99) Macy's: ($229.99) Best Buy: ($229.99) Time Dog will search several places and give you some options as to where to buy. Would you like to try out Time Dog? Time Dog is a Virtual Assistant that will give you directions , find a recipe, help out with appointments just about anything you need Time Dog will help you out.     … [Read more...]

Can You Use A Personal Assistant?

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I work full time in a construction office as a personal assistant. Sometimes it is difficult to take care of some of my own personal daily task since I work Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 everyday. Time Dog will come in so handy when I need to schedule a hair appointment and forget to make the appointment . My stylist only works on Tuesday's and I can email or text Time Dog to make my appointment for me. At night is when I start thinking about what I need to plan for the next day. My husband is always wanting me to look up parts for something and Time Dog will be able to help me find these parts for him. My daughter keeps me busy with her request all the time. She has been keeping me busy with her Holiday wish list lately. I have been searching every where for this or that . What if you needed tires for your vehicle? Do you just go to the closet place or the friendly neighborhood store? I will ask Time Dog to search the cheapest place in town so I can get the best deal. How … [Read more...]