Instyler Hair Tools

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Disclaimer: I was sent Instyler hair tools for a review from Vocal Point. No other compensation was provided. I love the Iconic Styler Pro. It is a hot brush for smoothing and a flat iron for straightening all in one. You open just like a flat iron and close to use as a hot brush to smooth hair.The ionic bristles add shine and allow you to style without burning. Remember not all hair tools is perfect for all hair types. However, the Ionic Stler Pro works for all hair lengths, straight, or curly. The Tulip Auto Curler is great for making soft curls, beachy waves, and tight curls. You open the ceramic barrel, it is designed with anti-tangle technology. It has a safety guard and burn free styling. It has a 2-way rotation with 3 rotation settings to curl left,curl right, or alternate. You also have 3 heat settings that range from 350 to 430 degrees .You also get 3 timer settings to get a variety of looks. The Tulip Auto Curler is good for naturally straight hair, with a thin to … [Read more...]

Welcome Pineapple Accent Rug

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Welcome rug from Madison At Main. No other compensation was provided. I just recently shared earlier today that I am moving into a new home this month. I have been looking for great new items for my home. I found this lovely Welcome Pineapple rug. As you all must know I am from South Carolina. Pineapple's are huge here and they mean "Hospitality" . I could not think of a better rug for my new home than this beautiful rug for my front door. f you are looking to add a little more elegance to your home, then let Homefires™ Accent rugs help! Featuring a wide variety of designs and colors, these wool look-a-like, machine washable rugs were made with luxury in mind. Feel free to put them in any room in need of some color and style. Homefires™ Accents can pull a whole room together when matched to a color or theme! Madison At Main has so many styles of rugs to complete any home. I will be looking into getting a few more for my new home. I would love some … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

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new home

Disclaimer: I was sent some cleaning products to review . No other compensation was provided. Are you going to have a house full of guest for the holidays? I will not have a house full. I am moving so these cleaning products work perfect for a move out clean. As you can see from the collage above we have a new home to clean from top to bottom. We close on December 15th. I will have to do a full move out cleaning of my home before we move out and having the right tools will make my cleaning job a lot easier. SUPER MOP WITH MAGIC ERASER With the built-in Magic Eraser scrubbing pad, the Mr. Clean Super Mop can handle the toughest of jobs. Thanks to super-absorbent cotton yarn mop head and the easy-to-us wringing system, cleaning will be a cinch. FLAT BACK BUCKET In addition to being ideal for small spaces, this 18 quart bucket features a flat side, which makes it effortless to fill in a sink or tub. This clever cleaning accessory also features a recessed … [Read more...]

Reser’s Fine Foods -Thanksgiving

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Main St. Bistro Scalloped Potatoes

Disclaimer: I was sent several varieties of Reser's foods to sample for Thanksgiving. All views are my own and no other compensation was provided. Perfect Comfort Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Brunch or Dinner We know you’re busy during the holidays. These wholesome baked side dishes help you serve a delicious meal so you can focus on what’s most important – sharing fun times with your family and friends. Reser's hope you’ll agree that their baked side dishes look and taste homemade—from their lightly crunchy golden brown top, to the satisfying baked layers underneath. These fully baked dishes are ready in just 5 microwave minutes, without any messy dish or cleanup. This is a refrigerated product (NEVER FROZEN), so please place them in the refrigerator right away until you are ready to enjoy. My Reser's foods arrived in two very large coolers. I could not wait to sample everything right away. I will tell you my absolute favorite is the Reser’s Main St. Bistro® Baked Scalloped … [Read more...]


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Disclaimer: I was sent a Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey to try. No other compensation was provided and all opinions and views are mine. Thanksgiving is right around the corner for us . Have you ever forgot to thaw the turkey? Then you are scrambling around on trying to rush your Thanksgiving dinner. Well fear no more Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey is here to save the day. Believe it or not but I have honestly never cooked a turkey myself. With Jennie-O Turkey you can have a fully cooked turkey within 4.5 hours. You go straight from the freezer to the oven. You can not get much simpler than that in cooking. My husband and I cooked our turkey last weekend. I could not get the nice pretty picture. Every time I moved the turkey it was falling part so that meant the turkey was done. My husband made his dressing, he didn't use any chicken or turkey in the dressing. Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey is a no fuss easy clean up and no worries kind of meal. This turkey was very moist and so good. What … [Read more...]

Southwest Beverages

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pumpkin spic

Disclaimer: I was sent a few samples of Southwest Beverages. All views are my own and no other compensation was provided. Picture credit Southwest Beverages. Sippity® Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Café Ingredients 1 Envelope of Sippity® Pumpkin Spice flavored hot cocoa mix Coffee Cinnamon Stick Ground Cinnamon Directions • 8 ounces of your favorite brewed coffee. • Add one packet of Sippity® Pumpkin Spice hot cocoa mix until smooth. • Stir until smooth. • Sprinkle with your favorite ground cinnamon. • Garnish with 2 cinnamon sticks.   I am not a huge coffee or hot chocolate drinker. I love having some on hand for when it is really cold. Today happens to be one of those cold days. I am in South Carolina and it is snowing in the upstate. I was shocked when I saw everyone posting snow pictures, amazing for this time of year :).  I love to quick it is to whip up a warm coffee drink. You basically just heat some warm water and empty to packet in a cup and stir. You … [Read more...]

Warming Dog Sleeper

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Warming Dog Sleeper 2014-10-28 17-45-14

Disclaimer: I was sent a dog sleeper from Cabo Dog. Bailey does not speak much but I think she liked the dog bed. :) Bailey is a 15 month old lab. I ordered her the Warming Dog Sleeper. I may have been a little bit off on the size needed for my lab. However Bailey is a good sport and she enjoyed the bed. Let me tell you a little story: I tried getting Bailey to lay down in the dog bed. I honestly tried. I was using treats. She would just look up at me like I was crazy. I left the dog bed in the middle of the floor and went on my merry way. Well, the next day my husband said he was in our bedroom and he noticed Bailey in the Warming Dog Sleeper. My husband did the best he could in snapping a picture as quickly as possible. Bailey got in the bed all by herself. We now keep the Warming Dog Sleeper in my daughters bedroom. Sometimes Bailey likes to sleep in her room. She always takes all the blankets. Now ,Bailey has her own bed in Madison's room. The outside of the bed is … [Read more...]

Whip-It Cleaner

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WhipItStainRemover_yellow_sprayer_2 1

Disclaimer: I was sent Whip-It cleaner for getting my house Whipped cleaned for the holidays. I honestly haven't started my holiday cleaning just yet. It is still a little earlier for me. I am a procrastinator and always wait until the last minute. However, I had to try out the Whip-It cleaner in my shower. So, I just started using this body wash and I noticed that I was getting soap scum in the bottom of the shower.  It was getting gross and slippery. I really honestly think it is the body wash making my shower like that. I have never had a problem prior to using this certain body wash. So on Saturday morning, I got in my cleaning mode after I went to the vet with Bailey. I wanted to see if Whip-It could cut the yucky soap scum out of my shower. I am proud to say the Whip-It cleaned my shower very well. My next double duty project for Whip -It is the oven hood. Grease always builds on the hood of the oven. This will be this weekends project. How do you get prepared for the … [Read more...]

Ruby Tuesday Dinner

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Ruby Tuesday

My husband and I did not feel up to cooking on Sunday. Ruby Tuesday provided us with a gift card to visit the restaurant. We went to Summerville, SC ,Ruby Tuesday. We had  a coupon for the buy one get one half off. We started the meal with a nice salad from the salad bar. Everything looked so good a fresh on the bar. By time we finished our salads our steaks arrived. We both ordered the ribeye steak. We added mushroom and onions to the steak. The steak was so tender and extremely good. My husband and I was full by time we finished eating our steaks. But the dessert menu was on the table. I kept looking at that all throughout my dinner. It was called white chocolate cherry cheesecake. My husband and I had a late night dessert. This is a very rich dessert but so good. Ruby Tuesday introduces endless choices, endless combinations, endless lunch for $7.99 with our Garden Bar. Try unlimited trips to our Garden Bar and choose from over 30 ingredients to mix and match as many times … [Read more...]

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Crock -Pot Smart Slow Cooker. My views and your views may vary. I love slow cooking. I usually prepare my meal the night before I go to work. Then all I have to do is turn on the crock pot before work. Slow cooking makes my life less stressful. I could not wait to try the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Smart Slow Cooker enabled with WeMo, SCCPWM600-V1. How would you like to be able to control cooking from your cell phone? I wish my cell phone could prepare a whole meal but this is the next best thing. Have you ever had ball games, worked late, got stuck in traffic,or unexpected trip to the store ? I downloaded the free WEMO app on my cell phone. Then, I connected my wifi connection and set my time for my buffalo chicken dip. My daughter has been craving dip. Turn on/off, change temperature or time settings from anywhere Receive reminders Works with an existing Wi-Fi® router and the free WeMo app for iOS 6 or Android 4.0 or higher Manual control … [Read more...]