Kong Pet Toys

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Disclaimer: I was sent some Kong products for my dogs to use. My views and your views may vary. Bailey just recently had puppies. I wanted something to keep the puppies occupied and a treat for the pups. We had 10 Labrador puppies and within a few weeks they would be growing like little weeds.Kong has puppy Kong rubber toys that you can fill with peanut butter or cookies or other types of treats. Dogs and puppies get bored so having a Kong will keep them busy and active.  Kong comes in several different products such as the Airdog, Antlers, Interactive Toys, Knots,Plush toys, Rubber toys, Squeezz, and Wubba. Berkeley and Hunley trying out some peanut butter in their Kong. They both seemed to like it very much. Knowing what size Kong is best for your puppy or dog. Safety comes first when it comes to our beloved pets. Use the Kong User Guide to determine what would be best for your pet. Knowing what kind of chewer you have , power chewer, or an average chewer.  … [Read more...]

Bugsy’s Box

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Disclaimer: Bugsy's Box sent Molly and Bailey a sample box of a monthly subscription to Bugsy's Box. I have personally never ordered a subscription box for my dogs but I love the idea. I am sure Molly and Bailey would love a monthly surprise each month. Bailey loves toys and Molly loves treats which makes the Bugsy's Box awesome for my girls because you will get a little of both in each box. Bailey loves squeaky toys and it did not take her long to find the squeaker on the skunk. As you can see Bailey and Molly enjoyed the Bugsy's Box they received. Bugsy's Box has a special box to fit your dogs size small, medium, and large. You can sign up for a monthly plan or even a 3 month plan and then wait for the excitement of your dogs when the mail delivers there very own Bugsy's Box. My dogs can smell treats miles away. What came in the box you ask? Toy skunk that squeaks Smoke House Rawhide Fillet Stixs for dogs Gourmet Dog Treat Fish Dinner Yams Treats Sam' … [Read more...]

Zaycon Fresh Ribs

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zaycon fresh ribs

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Zaycon Fresh. My views and your views may vary. No other compensation was provided. I was turned on to Zaycon Fresh last year. I picked up only one case of chicken and that was a mistake. I should have ordered more chicken. I honestly wasn't sure how we would like the chicken so I stuck with just one case. Well, I love Zaycon Fresh and will continue to order when Zaycon Fresh comes to town. The only issue I have is I wish they would deliver in my town,sometimes it is hard finding someone to pick up my order for me. Zaycon Fresh is having an awesome sale right now on chicken and I purchased 2 cases will will grab the 3rd before the end of the month. I cook a lot of chicken meals so I want to make sure I have more than enough chicken. My husband and I love grilling in the warmer months, and ribs are perfect for the grill. We love the Sticky Fingers dry rub for ribs and we love a wet bbq flavor rib. These ribs turned out perfect on the grill, … [Read more...]

JORD Wood Watch

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Disclaimer: I was sent a Jord Wooden Watch for review purposes only. No other compensation was provided. Your views and my views may vary. Unique Watch Do you try and keep up with all the hot new fashion trends? Usually, I know what is hot or not but I do keep my fashion style simple. I am not the type of person that shops regularly. I am a jeans, and T-shirt, type of person. This is why Jord Wood Watched for Women is perfect for me. I picked the Sully -Black & Maple Watch, I like big styles so I went with the bigger watch. I have always been a fan of Citizen watches and I love that the Jord Wooden Watches uses Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement . I will tell you I have never had a problem with Citizen movement ever. You should feel confident that this watch will last a long time. Jord Wood Watches are not designed to be water proof. They are splash resistant. That does not mean go take a dive in the ocean. Take that watch OFF! Jord Wood Watches can now be sized before … [Read more...]

The New STOUFFER’S Mac & Cheese Varieties

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Disclaimer:I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for Stouffer’s. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Stouffer’s and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. This is the time of the year us moms stay extremely busy and on the go. Stouffer's likes to help us have a quick meal at home. Stouffer's has four new varieties of Mac & Cheese out now. I picked up all four flavors. I haven't tried them all just yet but I did try the Stouffer's White Cheddar Mac & Cheese. I love comfort foods and I love a easy side dish for week nights. I don't get home from work until around 5:30 PM every day.Frozen meals are a great meal solution for those of us  who don’t have time for a made-from scratch meal every night. I usually put my main course in the slow cooker before work. When I get home, I love having some simple sides available to complete my meal.  Eating out can get extremely … [Read more...]

Fulcrum Gallery Picture – William Vanscoy Sense of Direction

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IMG_5375 (2)

Disclaimer: I was sent a picture to review from Fulcrum Gallery. No other compensation was provided. My husband and I purchased a new home in December. I have a lot more walls to fill in this home than my last home. When Fulcrum Gallery offered me a review on a fine print I couldn't say no. I searched so many awesome prints that I had a hard time deciding on what print to choose. I went with William Vanscoy Sense of Direction print. I love the scenery and the view of the ocean. I will be visiting St. Thomas soon and I can not wait to sit by the ocean for 5 full days. The frame is lightweight and so easy to hang on the wall soon as you get the picture out the box. Fulcrum Gallery packaged the framed photography very well . UPS delivered within a timely fashion of my ordering the print. I already had a nail on the wall ready. Fulcrum Gallery has a great selection of framed photography for all areas of the home or office. Fulcrum Gallery looks to have sales very often on the … [Read more...]

StoreWALL Organization

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Disclaimer: I was sent a few organizational items from StoreWALL. My views and your views may vary. My husband has a shed that is so full of stuff. He tries keeping it as organized as possible. StoreWall sent us a few items to help save some frustration on where to keep some of my husband's tools.  StoreWALL has several tips and ideas for sheds, homes to keep everything as organized as possible.  Is your pantry a hot mess? Mine is really dysfunctional.  We moved into our new place in December. When we unpacked we placed everything wherever it would fit on the shelf in the pantry. I love the Angle Shelf the for cans. The heavy duty utility hook would be perfect for all the loose lids .  You could even use the single hooks to hang your pots and pans on. The ideas that StoreWall has are endless. You could have a very organized home with a few simple tricks and tips.  The magnetic bar would be great to hang up for screwdrivers or paintbrushes. How does your laundry room look? Do you … [Read more...]

Fish ‘N Splash Water Table By Little Tikes

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IMG_5269 - Copy

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored on behalf of Little Tikes. All views are mine and yours may vary from mine. Parker loved playing with Fish 'N Splash Water Table. He loved getting the water hose and filling up the water table. He made sure he got a little water on him and everyone else. Thank goodness we had a beautiful warm day. Fish ‘N Splash Water Table is just the right size for toddlers to enjoy a day of fishing. Kids will learn colors and counting as they play! Plus there is lots of fill, pour and splash extras to make this water table so much fun!The Fish 'N Splash Water Table is for ages 2 and up. Kids will have endless summertime fun just by adding water! Features: • No tools required for easy assembly! • Water table has fishing and counting play • Water table helps toddlers with fine motor skills • Kids can fill the fish bowl with water and watch it come splashing down • Holds 7 gallons of water (not included) • Accessories include: * 1-Fishing pole * … [Read more...]

Adjust ‘n Jam™ Pro Basketball Set

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Little Tikes. My views and your views may vary. Little Tikes loves to keep children active. Kids can get their game on with the Adjust 'n Jam Pro basketball set! This basketball set adjusts to the perfect height for your toddler! This basketball set is for ages 3 and up. With March, here in full force; Spring is right around the corner. Daylight savings time is coming up soon and kids will love playing outside after school or daycare. Keep kids active and enjoying the outside. You can purchase for $49.99 and that is a great deal for years of fun. The basketball goal is adjustable so it will grow as your child grows. Look at that happy face!!! Parker was having a great day playing ball. What fun activities do you do with your children? Do they love playing outside? Do your children have a favorite outside toy? This cool  basketball set grows with kids! Features: • 5-heights from 4 to 6 feet • Breakaway rim • A … [Read more...]

Little Tikes® 3 – Foot Trampoline

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IMG_5283 - Copy

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Little Tikes. My views and your views may vary. Little Tikes knows it is important for kids to stay active, and the 3-foot trampoline is easy to move so kids can bounce where ever they like any time they like! March is the time to start getting outdoors and smell the spring like fresh air. Keeping kids active is a absolute must.  My nephew Parker is all boy and loves playing. The Little Tike 3-foot trampoline is great for indoors play. You never know when you may have a rainy day or even some snow.  Disclaimer: (The post is shown outside due to my nephew being allergic to dogs.He took this toy home when he went home that afternoon.)  A few weeks ago we had a very beautiful Sunday afternoon in the 70's in South Carolina. We took advantage by staying outside most of the afternoon. My husband assembled the trampoline within a few minutes and Parker was ready for jumping. • Great energy burner! • Designed for indoor use only! • Maximum … [Read more...]