52 Week Money Challenge

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52 week money challenge coupsavsouth

Click image and you can print off   We are quickly approaching 2014 and that means a new year and new beginnings. Last year, I attempted to save money and failed terribly at saving the money in my bank account. I had to remember to deposit the money and that was the problem. My bank has a place on their web site that allows me to automatically set up transfers so I do not have to remember to deposit each week. I went in my account and set up to deposit every week $26.50. I will still have the same end result of $1,378 in December. The biweekly transfer is my Christmas club. I get that money the first week in November. I have approximately $700 at Christmas. I need to up the amount this year. You can save different amounts of money but as long as you are saving something this year. If you are paid bi-weekly you could save $53.00 each pay period and get $1,378.00. You can start do this challenge in reverse and save the higher amount first and work your way down to … [Read more...]

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

I will not say 2013 was the greatest year. I lost my beloved Dixie on January 24,2013. She was the best dog ever. We had a golf cart utility trailer stolen in October. So, not really a fun year to say the least. We did take a few vacations this year, that was kind of fun. I would like to set a few goals for 2014. First and foremost I plan to work on my weight. I am tired of being extremely miserable. I have no energy at all. Smoking will be second on my list to work on, my husband started using a ecig the day before Christmas. He likes it so far. I know so many people that struggled with Christmas this year. Start saving some money now. Sometimes, that is easier said than done. I am far from "well off" and I do it. Every other week I deposit $25 into a Christmas club with my bank. The money is automatically done and I just have to subtract the amount from my checking account. You can also sign up for Swagbucks and earn gift cards and even PalPal just by searching online. Do you … [Read more...]

Health grills: A great addition to any kitchen

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Health grills: A great addition to any kitchen There are lots of kitchen appliances on the market these days, and not all of them are worth buying, for jobs you could already do yourself. However, health grills can make a superb addition to any home. With the aid of these handy items, you can create tasty and healthy meals with total ease. The best-known version of the health grill is the George Foreman grill. These products launched in 1995 and they have remained a firm favorite among consumers ever since. Around nine in ten of the health grills sold is a George Foreman and there are many different versions of these products to choose from. Grilling of all kinds is a healthy way to cook because instead of cooking meat in its own fat, it causes the fat to drain out. However, health grills are designed on an angle, causing this fat to drip out into a separate tray completely. Therefore, if you’re trying to cut back on your calorie intake, or simply reduce the amount of fat in your … [Read more...]

Christmas Time In The South

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I have always loved Christmas time. I love riding in the car and looking at homes decorated with lights . We always go to Santee Cooper canal park and look at all the beautiful decorations. Spending time with my family is all that really matters to me. I try having a big Christmas. I only have one child and she is sometimes spoiled rotten.I have a Christmas club through my bank. I save a little bit of money out of my paycheck each week . Then, every November I get the money that I have saved and can go shopping. I can not wait to also start shopping for Black Friday deals. I will shop some that weekend then I will put up my Christmas Tree with christmaslightsetc.com. I will wrap all the presents that I bought and put them under the tree. I do not like a empty Christmas tree. This year I would love to go see the lights at James Island. I have heard those are the best lights around our area to see. When I was in Pigeon Forge a few weeks ago all the business was getting ready to … [Read more...]

Protected: Feed And Go Pet Feeder- High Tech

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Card.com Prepaid Visa

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CARD.com v4 (1)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Card.com My views and your views may vary . I was sent a $25 prepaid Visa card from Card.com. I picked out the cute Labrador card for my card. Most of you all know I am a lab lover.  If you go to Card.com, you will see tons upon tons of different types of cool designs and style of cards. One of the things I like best about this particular card, is that you can have your paycheck direct deposited on this card. I do the payroll where I work and a lot of our guys do not have a checking account. With this card, you can give the account and routing number to your payroll person and you will not have to worry about running everywhere to find someone to cash your paycheck. Sometimes on Fridays the guys get off after 5 and the banks have already closed. This Card.com  card would be perfect for them. You could also deposit money on this card as a spending account and use your checking account for your bills. If you set up your account with direct … [Read more...]

Support the Safeway Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer

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Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post. Support the Safeway Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer As you may already know this month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and PayPower is donating half of the purchase fee on a PayPower card purchased in your local Safeway store between 10/01/13 and 11/03/13 to the Safeway Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer . When breast cancer is detected early the 5 year survival rate is 98% (National Cancer Institute) and the Breast Cancer Foundation helps women create a plan for early detection, breast health education programs at community outreach programs across the country. Who is PayPower? The PayPower™ Visa® Card can be loaded and reloaded from your bank account or right in the store at time of purchase. Use your card to make purchases and shop online. Once you register your card, you can also pay bills, send money and everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. What better way to manage your money, keep it safe and help others? Get … [Read more...]

Pick A Dress For Any Occasion

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If you need a prom,wedding,homecoming or a holiday dress or even more Dress First will have you covered. Dress First has a lot of dresses to choose from. My daughter is running for Homecoming Queen so we will be looking at picking out a dress for her. She also has prom coming up this spring. When picking out a dress make sure you pick one that would work well for your body type. My daughter is short and can normally pull off the shorter dresses pretty well. The prices are really awesome on the wedding dresses on Dress First.These dresses look so amazing. I think this Ball-Gown Sweetheart dress is one of my favorite dresses. I know it will not be very long before I will have to start looking at wedding dresses. It may be awhile before we start planning a wedding but Homecoming is next month. I think a simple dress would be great to wear, like the A Line Princess Scoop Neck Knee Length Chiffon Homecoming Dress With Ruffle . Madison could even get this dress in her school … [Read more...]

Halloween on a Budget

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If you have looked at the prices of Halloween decor, costumes and candy your jaw might have dropped! Getting Halloween ready is not a cheap task, in fact it's down right expensive. However, I have some ways you can save big this Halloween. With a little creativity, patience and time you can save a nice chunk of change this Halloween! Get Halloween Ready on a Budget Shop Around for Costumes Anytime you walk into one of those Halloween costume shops you will be shocked at the prices for one simple costume. A basic costume can easily cost you $50 or more! Personally, I find that to be a little ridiculous. This year skip the Halloween costume shops in order to save some money. Second hand stores usually have a very large selection of costumes at a fraction of the price. Start looking at second-hand stores during the last week of September to the early weeks of October. If you steadily check in you will find something you or your kids have been dreaming about. Use Coupons Candy … [Read more...]

Make Money Selling Your Unwanted Stuff

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Do you have a bunch of unwanted stuff laying around that you need to sell? Have you thought of ways that you could make some extra money?I always seem to buy more than I sell. I love finding a great deal.I bought some really pretty lamps on a Facebook group.My husband thought they were the ugliest lamps he had ever seen. I love them. How do you like my lamps? Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions are mine.Your views and my views may vary. First, you could have a yard sale and make a few bucks selling some of your possessions.I use Facebook groups myself to sell some of my unwanted items.I am famous for buying stuff also. I have found several great deals. Do you have some unwanted music or dvds?You could try selling those online to make some extra cash.I have some old music and dvds I need to go through this weekend.I used to work in a video store and had a great collection.I do not watch the movies any more. Making a little extra cash is pretty … [Read more...]