Ask Maddy: Funny Stories Of A Working Teen

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working teen

A Working Teen I have been an employee at Zaxby’s since May. A lot of my friends may come in and giggle but those who do that are the ones who are asking their parents for money while I may ask my parents for a few dollars every once in a while but at least I’m making money when they aren’t making anything! It’s hard to find a job and I’m just happy that I found one that works with my school hours and they work with me in general. I thought that working would be a really hard thing to do but we do work hard at Zaxby’s but it’s definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. I do have a lot of a things that tick me off about this job though and that’s what I’m going to talk about. I just had to have an introduction :) Okay, here’s what I’m really going to be talking about: people and their annoying questions, rude attitudes, hand gestures, and just about everything. People come into Zaxby’s and I understand that I must have a nice attitude with my customers and what not and do as … [Read more...]

Ask Maddy: Fashion

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Fashion Diva

I have a ton of clothes in my closet. I enjoy getting new stuff just as much as anyone else does but I don’t get a lot of new stuff very often. I normally get new stuff on my birthday, Christmas and before school. I told my mom that this year I want to add more girly outfits to my wardrobe. I want to try and wear tight fitted skirts, flow-ey shirts, nicer shoes, scarves, and a bunch more. I’ve never really wore heels but I’d love to try those out. I also would like to improve my country outfits. I don’t know what I should get though, considering there is so much to choose from. As of right now, I wear American Eagle, Hollister, Body Central, Wet Seal, Rue 21, and DEB. That’s all we really have in our mall that has a bunch of cute and reasonable priced stuff. Now that I have a job, I will be looking online for nice clothes but bargain prices because some things are very expensive. I wish that I could try clothes out before I invest in them. I understand that you can go in a dressing … [Read more...]

Ask Maddy: Relationships

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Relationships Today, I’m going to talk about relationships because I’m a teenager and I know girls get hurt and so do guys. My best friend has told me a lot about his relationships, which is sometimes a little too much, but he tells me anyways. Guys will do just about anything to make a girl feel wanted. I’ve been put in this position so many times and it hurts, a lot. This post may not benefit the parents but this post will just inform you of how guys act so you can somewhat understand why your daughter is in her room crying her eyes out or whatever the case is. I’m going to rename one of the guys who always does this to me, today, his name will be Chandler. What he does is sends me mixed signals and a ton of guys will do that to girls. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, let me break it down for you. The guy will ask the girl to hangout, so they do… after they’re done hanging out he will tell the girl how great it was and he can’t wait to do it again, so they will plan … [Read more...]

Ask Maddy: Lying

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This week, I’m going to talk about lying. I’ve lied to my parents so many times in my life that it isn’t even funny and when I get caught in that action then I feel terrible. I’m sure I’m not the only teen who feels this way though. Recently, well, in the past few months… I’ve lied to them about a lot. Last Tuesday, I felt extremely bad because my parents were just starting to let me go off more and stuff and I lied to my mom about something pointless but in the end it really wasn’t pointless. My mom asked me if I had a Twitter and my response was a no. She looked me up and she seen where I had blocked her from my account. I lied to her because I was cussing and being a completely different person than what I am to them on that social network. Some parents don’t really understand all of that stuff and if I wouldn’t have opened my mouth about one of my friends getting a Twitter, I’m sure she would have never found out but since I opened my mouth, I kind of got myself in trouble. I … [Read more...]

Ask Maddy: Introduction

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Hey, y’all. I’m Madison. A lot of people seem to call me Maddy, which is fine with me. Since this is my first post on my mom’s page, I’m just going to tell you a little bit about myself only because I feel like that would be the best thing to start off with. I’m sixteen years old and I’m a junior. I have brown eyes and long brown hair. Oh, did I mention I’m five foot even? Now you know. I love to go outside for some reason, I guess that’s because I’m a little country girl. When I feel the need to be a little city girl, I try to be. I will dress up in little heels and dressy stuff but a lot of people don’t see that side of me. My junior year, I’m going to try to show that side just a little bit more! I like to go ride four wheelers, go out on the boat/jet ski, go run dogs, go kill deer, go coon hunting, go out with my friends, go shopping, and a lot more. I just like to have fun and that’s what I’m doing pretty much every week of my life. Madame Deal’s sister told me that I should say … [Read more...]