The Adventurer’s Power Station

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The Adventurer's Power Station

Disclaimer: I was sent The Adventurer's Power Station to feature in my holiday gift guide. My family and I tend to stay somewhat busy throughout the year. Winter time is hunting season for my husband. We just purchased a camper in August, we haven't used yet. We also have a pontoon boat.  My husband sometimes will go tent  camping on a island with no power. The Adventurer's Power Station is a perfect gift for anyone that loves the outdoors. However, you don't necessarily have to like the outdoors. This is great for emergencies to have on hand. Last winter we went 5 full days without power. Keeping a cell phone charged was almost impossible. If we had of had The Adventurer's Power Station we would not of had any issues keeping our gadgets charged. This is the portable power station that recharges devices anywhere. Weighing merely 12-lbs. and smaller than a toaster, the rechargeable power station transports easily in an RV, car, or boat and charges a digital camera 12 times, … [Read more...]

FreshTECH Automatic Jam &Jelly Maker

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jelly maker

Disclaimer:  I was sent some canning supplies for my holiday gift guide. I will also have a separate post on making jam/jelly. I want to make some Pear Butter soon. Do you have someone that is into canning on your holiday shopping list? I will be honest,I have never canned a day in my life. I want to learn so badly.  I am in my early 40's and canning is something I did not learn growing up as a child. Some families has always been canners. The FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker, is a gift that can keep on giving. Having a homemade gift for birthdays, Christmas and so on . Where I live in the early spring, I go to a strawberry farm and then late summer to a blueberry farm. With the FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker, I will now be able to make homemade jams and jellies. My neighbor has a pear tree and I will also be able to make pear butter. The innovative new Jam Maker appliance will make a fruit spread in just 30 minutes. Instead of the traditional time-consuming … [Read more...]

Logan’s Roadhouse

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Disclaimer: I was sent a gift card for my holiday gift guide.   When searching for the the perfect couple gift, boss, friends or even parents. Why not treat them to a great meal out.  Logan's Roadhouse has a wonderful menu selection. At Logan’s Roadhouse they take the quality of their food very seriously. Which is why they have a wide variety of menu items featuring hand-cut, wood-fire grilled steaks, fresh ingredients and from-scratch dishes. They also have a great selection of healthy options that are big on nutrition and even bigger on taste. Worried about food allergies? They have  got you covered with the Allergen Free options. I am a steak and potatoes kind of lady. I rarely try anything else when at a steak house. You can get started with a wonderful appetizer, then a house salad and a main course. If you have a little extra room you can even have a mouth watering Southern Style Banana Cream Pie. If you are to full take it to go. Oh wow how did I forget … [Read more...]

Tuggo Doy Toy

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Tuggo 10 inch Blue Front

Disclaimer: Molly and Bailey was sent Tuggo Doy toys for my holiday gift guide. Molly is a 7 year old lab that does not play a lot. Bailey on the other hand is a active 14 month old lab. She loves playing catch and loves all kinds of chew toys. Tuggo Doy Toys 10" ball is $29.99 and the 7" is $27.99.  If your dogs loves playing with toys they will love Tuggo Dog Toy. This toy was designed for medium to large dogs, but they have had many smaller dogs, and even puppies really enjoy the toy without any water being added. The ball only weighs around 1 pound empty compared to around 20 pounds when full of water. Features: DURABLE - no more money wasted on toys that are chewed up in 5 min. Not a single prototype has been destroyed. UNIQUE - This product is the first we have seen of this kind. Not only can you fill TUGGO with water, by you can leave it empty and take to the lake or pool! TUG-OF-WAR - Rope can be pulled from either side, which is great for single or multiple dogs. … [Read more...]

Mr. Coffee® 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker + Hot Shot Station

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mr. coffee

Disclaimer: I was sent a Mr. Coffee to share in my Holiday Gift Guide. My husband drinks coffee every morning. His timer has not been working for some time now. He loves that he can set the timer and have fresh coffee in the mornings again. Two separate water reservoirs let you heat water while brewing coffee at the same time. The Hot Water Station enables water to heat up in about 4 minutes to dispense up to 16oz. of hot water for hot beverages, tea, or instant meals. You can set brew time up to 24 hours in advance, plus there is also a delayed brew feature. Conveniently fill your travel mug or standard-size bowls & mugs to simplify your prep. The Mr. Coffee® Coffeemaker + Hot Shot Station will put students on the fast track to hot food and beverage prep. This multi-tasking coffeemaker and hot water station provides the ultimate in convenience and versatility, featuring two separate water reservoirs for brewing a pot of fresh coffee while dispensing hot water for other … [Read more...]

Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds

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Wonderful Almond Holiday Bag

  Disclaimer: I was sent some Almonds and Pistachios to share in my holiday gift guide. Do you have that one person that you can never figure out what to get them? Get them some Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful Almonds. I stop by the gas station every morning a pick up some nuts for my mid morning snack. The Holiday Gift Bag for Wonderful Pistachios comes in 13 oz. and Wonderful Almonds comes in 14 oz. Pistachios comes in several different ways, lightly salted, no salt, shelled, chili, roasted, and salt and pepper. Wonderful Almonds comes in a variety of flavors. Almonds are good for your health. My husband loves pistachios and so does my daughter. This makes a great gift for just about anyone on your shopping list. Buy --->> Wonderful Pistachios, Roasted and Salted, 32-Ounce Bag Buy --->>Wonderful Almonds Roasted & Salted Some ideas for the holidays, your boss, school teacher, friends and family. You can not go wrong with these. … [Read more...]


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Jep beard

Disclaimer: I was sent some Jep Robertson's grooming line to share in my men's holiday gift guide. Jep’s premium reserves is a blend of the finest organic and natural ingredients of 15 hair strengthening botanicals infused in a base of virgin argan, golden jojoba, virgin avocado, grape-seed, virgin pumpkin seed, coconut, and apricot kernel oils then masterfully blended with shea, cocoa, and kokum butters with helichrysum and balsam tolu essential oils.  The collection consists of the following items:   Product                                                       Size            Retail Price Beard Balm                                                          2 oz                $22.50 Beard Balm                                                          4 oz                $36.50 Premium Beard Wax                                       2 oz                $17.50 Original Beard and Body Soap                      7 oz                $   9.25 Premium Reserves … [Read more...]

Schick Xtreme3 disposable razors &Edge Sensitive Pro Relief Shave Gel

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Disclaimer: I was sent Edge and Schick Extreme3 Refresh disposable to share in my holiday gift guide.   Edge® Sensitive Pro Relief Shave Gel is a shave gel designed for men with sensitive skin that enhances razor glide and helps relieve skin from irritation. The gel, with lubricating molecules, emollients and a special blend of skin conditioners, protects sensitive skin for a smooth, comfortable shave. Unbeatable razor glide: Edge® Sensitive Pro Relief contains special moisturizers and lubricants that reduce friction between skin and the razor, resulting in a shave that leaves skin smooth and healthy. Special formula for sensitive skin: Edge® Sensitive Pro Relief Shave Gel’s formula is ideal for sensitive skin. With a blend of skin conditions, including colloidal oatmeal and allantoin, it soothes and protects sensitive skin from regular shaving irritation. Edge Shave Gel varieties are available online and at mass retail outlets nationwide for a suggested retail price … [Read more...]


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Disclaimer: I was sent some b∙lēve  products to share in my holiday gift guide. b∙lēve offers an assortment of cutting-edge, multi-benefit skincare, hair care and body care products, as well as high quality beauty tools, all at a price that everyone can afford.  The line utilizes natural elements and advanced technologies for a superior and luxurious experience.   b∙lēve Body Care products are formulated using a ground-breaking, moisturization technology- Oleofirm™.  Oleofirm™ utilizes oleosomes, which are derived from tiny micro-seeds found within oil bearing plant seeds, to provide unparalleled moisturizing benefits that leave skin soft, smooth and ultra nourished. b∙lēve accessories range from tweezers to bath accessories. These premium professional-grade tools provide a salon-quality experience for the at-home user.   Availability: Fine grocers nationwide and Who doesn't like having great skin? The older I get I like to keep my skin as … [Read more...]

Flavored Vodka from Sobieski

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  Disclaimer: I was sent a few different mini bottles to feature in my holiday gift guide. For those who likes variety, a flavored Vodka from Sobieski (SRP:  $10.99) is a tasty treat. A long-time partnership with the Fisher House Foundation, also means that this gift gives back.   From Raspberry to Lemon Meringue, one of the eleven flavors of Sobieski is bound shake up their next cocktail. Sobieski vodka is one of the best vodkas in the world, made from the finest Dankowski Rye which helps give it its authentic, rich taste (and silky finish). Yes it has flavor. But hey. Maybe you're in the mood for even more flavor. They have several wonderful flavors to match your current state of mind. When you visit the Sobieski website if you click any of the flavors of vodka you will get a recipe to make a drink of your choice. … [Read more...]