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Hi, I am Shannon the face behind Coupon Savings In The South. I am a one woman show here so please bear with me.

I started couponing when I lost my job back in Sept. 2009. I have learned a whole new way of shopping. Having a small stockpile means I can help others when needed.Sometimes, I get behind on chores, I am sorry.

I now work full time in a construction office.I am also a social media junkie,and love meeting new people. I married in1994, and I have a wonderful daughter, and we have one spoiled lab named Molly and Dixie(Dixie crossed the Rainbow Bridge 1/24/2013). I have added a new addition to the fur baby family. Her name is Bailey.


 My beautiful Daughter 🙂
We pretty much stay on the go and busy throughout the year. We spend the summer on the boat at our little favorite island” Coon Island” . We spend all day there. Then in the winter months we start riding 4 wheelers.

My husband hunts from Aug 15th to Jan 1st so that is my free time. I sure enjoy my break because once the season is over he finds stuff for us to do.


I enjoy spending time in the kitchen ,I am not the best cook but I enjoy trying.  Check out some of my recipes, and you can also follow me on Pinterest.

I also love doing reviews and giveaways so make sure to check the page often .You  are sure to find something going on often.

You will find freebies and some hot deals posted. You will see how I have been saving money each week. I also have a Facebook group for one on one chat. I also love to travel so make sure to stop by my travel section and see all of my adventures.

Make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you will never miss anything. Find me on Facebook,  Twitter, and Google Plus. 

My stats is on my Media Kit (needs to be updated) and if you need to contact me shannon@couponsavingsinthesouth.com .

If you are a brand that would like to work with me in regards to sponsored content, reviews, giveaways or even travel, or anything else you have in mind send me a email to shannon@couponsavingsinthesouth.com.