Celebrating At Disney World

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Celebrating At Disney

You are never to old to have fun at Disney World. My daughter wanted to visit Disney for her 20th birthday. We hit the road for a long road trip after I got off work on Thursday ,April 14th. We arrived around 2 am , and slept about 4 hours and headed to Disney for a full day of fun. We arrived early and stayed until the firework show.

We didn’t get a chance to visit all the parks in one day. We made it to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We walked around and visited all the attractions in Animal Kingdom, the Kali Rapid River, my husband got soaked so be prepared. 🙂

You will surely get splashed on this attraction—and you may even get soaked.

Kali River Rapids is a whitewater rapids attraction that features gurgling geysers, jetting water and a dramatic splashdown. Guests wishing to experience this attraction but remain dry for the remainder of the day are encouraged to bring a waterproof poncho, an extra pair of clothes or a towel to dry off.

I skipped riding the Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain but my crew hopped on for a thrilling ride. They loved it and had a great time.

The Adventure Begins
Board a weather-beaten train and ascend a series of rolling hills overlooking a serene green forest. Climb a steep incline and navigate through a ceremonial stone tunnel before reaching the summit. Once at the “top of the world,” hold on tight as you pick up speed and race inside the dreaded mountain.

An Unexpected Encounter
Without warning, your train screeches to a halt: A broken and twisted track appears in front of you. Brace yourself as your train unpredictably begins to race backward into the darkened mountain, furiously swooping up into a double-looping turn. Inside the windswept passage, the shadowy figure of a growling creature can be seen on a cavern wall. It is the Yeti—the legend is real.

Hurl 80 feet down the base of the cursed mountain and swoop in and out of murky caves and along jagged rocky ledges as you race to escape the dreaded monster before he catches up with you.


After a few hours visiting Animal Kingdom, we headed over to Magic Kingdom. We should have purchased a fast pass to get through the lines a little quicker. We enjoyed Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Haunted Mansion. We watched the amazing firework show.  I have never seen the show before and I am so glad we stayed until the end.

There is so much to do at Disney parks, we unfortunately only had one day to pack in as much as we could. If you ever get a chance to visit you will have plenty of things to do. We made sure to get a Dole Whip.

What do you love the most at Disney?






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