Zaycon Fresh Steaks

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Zaycon fresh steaks
Disclaimer: I received Zaycon Steaks to review and share my opinion. No other compensation was provided.

First and Foremost, I absolutely love ordering food from Zaycon Fresh. I really love the chicken deals. I may sometimes get a special to promote, but I am also a paying customer. I love having plenty of meat in my freezer. I am also excited to share that Zaycon Fresh now has chicken thighs. I am beyond excited to try out the chicken thighs. I make a great chicken thigh recipe in my 3 in 1 Ninja Cooking system.

Anyway, lets get to these awesome steaks that we tried out a few weeks ago. The weather has been cold one day warm another day. My husband has been working on building us a really nice deck for us to enjoy. We needed a new grill and off to Lowes we went and yes, we had to grill some steaks. I will say the only downfall to the steaks is they are packaged 3 to a pack. I really think they should be individually packaged. These steaks look to be about 1″ thick. I don’t think we could have asked for better quality steaks.

If you have never ordered anything from Zaycon Fresh ,I really think you should give them a chance. I have tried bacon, which is wonderful, pork chop wrapped in bacon, chicken breast, and steaks. I have not ordered the hamburger due to us having venison burger. You can check your area and see how close a truck comes to you. I just recently changed jobs and it will make ordering for me a lot easier now.


We had potatoes with our steak.  The potatoes are so good .

I cut up a small bag of the yellow potatoes, season with your favorite seasonings. I cook them in my Ninja 3 in 1 for faster cooking time. I heat a little olive oil and onions, toss in the potatoes. I stir and cover the potatoes. Once they are tender and done. I add cheese on top and add some sour cream.



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