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Progresso Light soup


New Year, New You: I have a few goals for the new year, as most us do. My husband won a trip to Antigua and I need to get in shape for this trip. We are going in May which means I do not have a lot of time to get in shape for this all inclusive trip. With Progresso Light Soups ,New Year’s goals will be easy by stocking up at Publix on over 10 Light soups, all 100 calories or less per serving. I work outside the home and Progesso Light Soups makes it easy to take my lunch to work.

I plan to also get exercise to help maintain a new healthy me. I purchased a treadmill last summer and I haven’t used it. I now have something to motivate me to get busy walking.

I am starting a new job on the 18th of this month and I would like to make sure I save a little more money since I am going to be making more money. ( Love this goal, I am setting it up through my bank to draft x amount each week.)

I am also trying to Live With Less , this year by organizing each and every single room in my home. I know my time is limited with my work schedule. I also know it will take some time to complete this task. I am not in a hurry but it is a goal. My closet is the first project that I plan to start with. Then, I will work my way into each and every room in my home.

I also plan to get out more and enjoy life this year. I tend to always stay home and pass up chances to visit friends or family. I always seem to have a excuse to need to do this or that. Most of the time I always need to clean something. If I keep up with my 4th goal I should have no problems enjoying my weekends do fun things.

progresso soup

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  1. Progresso Light can help me reach my New Year’s resolutions with at least 33% fewer calories than regular ready-to-serve soups.

  2. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I love Progresso soups. They are very satisfying and filling. They def help me to stay within my calorie count. After setting a goal to lose weight and become healthy this year, this is the perfect way to acheive success!

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