Holiday Gift Guide Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in Coupon Savings In The South Holiday Gift Guide. I am so excited to share about your products. You do not have to pay to be included in the gift guide but I do have a $50 product minimum. I will also have a VIP section which will be top picks only 2 spots for first row VIP and 2 spots for 2 row VIP. I will explain in more detail below. The holiday gift guide will be the very top blog post until the end of December.

Categories For The Holiday Gift Guide

VIP- Top Picks
Children of all ages- I donate all toys to children in need for the holidays
Pets- Dogs
Stocking Stuffers

The way I plan to promote the gift guide is with a Amazon gift card, sponsored by myself.  The entry will require the person to comment their favorite item in the gift guide. This will begin November 1st and will be promoted daily throughout the month of December. I will use all forms of social media for promoting the gift guide.

This is how the 2015 Gift Guide looks– here. I do not review I only feature your items and insert a link to purchase. I will use affiliate links when possible. I would like to use a Hi -Res image for the gift guide.

VIP will be at the very top as our top picks, the cost for the top row is $200, second row $100 for the second spots. I will accept sponsored with no product sent for the amount of $50.

A full size product is required to be included in the holiday gift guide. ($50 minimum) I do not accept sample, trial size products.

I can also offer social media shout outs $25.00 instead of being in the gift guide .

Deadline for products will be December 1st. to be included in the gift guide.

If you have any questions or interested in reserving a spot in Coupon Savings In The South’s Holiday Gift guide, email

I look forward to working with you. 🙂


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