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Disclaimer: I was sent some Kong products for my dogs to use. My views and your views may vary.

Bailey just recently had puppies. I wanted something to keep the puppies occupied and a treat for the pups.


We had 10 Labrador puppies and within a few weeks they would be growing like little weeds.Kong has puppy Kong rubber toys that you can fill with peanut butter or cookies or other types of treats. Dogs and puppies get bored so having a Kong will keep them busy and active.  Kong comes in several different products such as the Airdog, Antlers, Interactive Toys, Knots,Plush toys, Rubber toys, Squeezz, and Wubba.


Berkeley and Hunley trying out some peanut butter in their Kong. They both seemed to like it very much.

Knowing what size Kong is best for your puppy or dog. Safety comes first when it comes to our beloved pets. Use the Kong User Guide to determine what would be best for your pet. Knowing what kind of chewer you have , power chewer, or an average chewer.  Supervise your pets with toys until you feel confident with how the pets will play or chew the toys.

I know my labs are active and loves to chew, and they love squeaky toys. My dogs are active they do require more exercise than most. Molly is not a active Labrador. She is a senior lab. Molly is happy to skip the toy and go straight to the treat. I wonder if that maybe why she is overweight. She is one of the laziest dogs I have ever owned. She is 8 years old now and has no care in the world. As long as she get fed and some loving she is happy as can be.

Bailey and the puppies are my active ones and they keep me on my toes at all times. Keeping them happy and satisfied is a daily chore.

Do your pets like Kong products?





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