School’s Out, Where Are Your Kids? This App Will Tell You…

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Staying connected to your children when you are not with your child. Life360 is an app that allows you to see at a glance where your child is and quickly send a message to them. You do not have to worry about check-ins being public they are private within your own circle.

Life360 is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.  Life360 can give you peace of mind knowing where your family is concerned. You can have a group chat, check-in, private message, location sharing ,and so much more.

Will you wonder where your children have gone for the summer? Did they go next door? Did they hop in a car? Did they go to the mall? With Life360, you will never have to guess because you will have instant notification of their location. As a parent, I can relate to wanting to know where my child is at all times.

Life360 is totally free unless you want the Premium Service which is $4.99 monthly.


Will you try Life360 this Summer?

Keeping connected has always been my top priority with my daughter when she was younger. I was probably an over protective parent but she was my pride and joy. I wanted her to feel safe. My daughter worked late hours and staying connected always helped. She was able to check-in letting me know when she was getting off work, when she arrived to work. She was able to share when she was out shopping with friends, and a day at the beach. I was always connected. Life360 is so handy is so many ways that if you have a teen it is a must have.




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