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Disclaimer: I was sent a few organizational items from StoreWALL. My views and your views may vary.

My husband has a shed that is so full of stuff. He tries keeping it as organized as possible. StoreWall sent us a few items to help save some frustration on where to keep some of my husband’s tools.  StoreWALL has several tips and ideas for sheds, homes to keep everything as organized as possible.  Is your pantry a hot mess? Mine is really dysfunctional.  We moved into our new place in December. When we unpacked we placed everything wherever it would fit on the shelf in the pantry. I love the Angle Shelf the for cans. The heavy duty utility hook would be perfect for all the loose lids .  You could even use the single hooks to hang your pots and pans on. The ideas that StoreWall has are endless. You could have a very organized home with a few simple tricks and tips.  The magnetic bar would be great to hang up for screwdrivers or paintbrushes.

How does your laundry room look? Do you have your broom stuffed in a corner with the mop and dust pan? You could add a few single hooks on the wall and have everything hung up nicely. You could add a few shelves for your laundry supplies.

Ladies, how is the craft room looking these days? I know so many people crafting with the silhouette and complain that the room is a mess. Now, here are some awesome ideas for all that vinyl and ribbons. You can use the  Paper Towel Holder for vinyl, and wrapping paper. The single hooks use for ribbon, and scissors.

Again the ideas are endless with StoreWall, pet supplies, sports equipments, horse supplies,  garden tools, garage,  and tools and so much more. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the hooks and storage ideas. You have hooks, shelves, bins, totes, and Heavy Duty Deep Basket
to make your home a organized dream home.






  1. Jane Backes says:

    I love storeWALL! I’ve always inserted the top part of the back plates into the slot in the wall, then turned the cam locks, which makes the hooks stable and secure. It never occurred to me that I could use the hooks on the top slat of wall, so I’m glad I saw your post. You just opened up my storage possibilities.

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