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Picture credit Life360

Picture credit Life360

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Have you ever split up from a group at the mall, amusement park or anywhere with a large crowd?  You can put the whole family at ease and peace of mind with Life360. With Life360, just open the app and instantly see everyone in your private Circle on the map. You can also message the whole group at once or one on one.

Just think if you are on vacation and the adults go to the beach, and the kids go to the amusement park, you can easily make sure everyone made it to the destination with Life360. All you need to do is download the free app on your cell phone device.However, Life360 does offer some premium features for a small monthly fee. Life360 Premium is $5/month and gives you more of the app you love. Plus, you can try it for free for 30 days!

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Keeping a open communication with your family is great and one way to have less worry. The Life360 app is by invite and you can not secretly install. This is for the entire family to use. My husband travels everyday for work. I love knowing he made it home without having to text or call him.
Life360 has some really great features such as you can alert an emergency, you can also check in, have place notifications set up and so much more. Technology has come a very long way since I was a little girl. I missed the good old simple days but I do love the technology of this day and time so much more.
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