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If you don’t already know my husband and I purchased a foreclosed home last month. We have several projects we would like to work on soon as possible. We have had to replace a floor, bathroom stall, and some painting . We would love to replace all the bathroom faucets.  We have already started remodeling my daughter’s bathroom. The previous owner was in the middle of remodeling the bathroom to make it handicap accessible. They did not complete the job so the bathroom remodeling is our number one priority.

With Danze,  I will be able to work on my kitchen and bathroom repairs. I will be able to replace showerheads, all faucets in the bathroom, “man cave”, and in the kitchen. I need to add that we need a towel bar, and a towel ring.

Have you ever thought about purchasing a home that needed repairs? My husband can do all the repairs himself. You can get a better deal on a home that is a fixer upper. My husband and I looked for about a month at different homes. I picked out the home we bought because I loved all the space it has available. My husband loves the back room. He turned it into a man cave. I found a pool table on a local for sale site for $50. He has his trophy wall, and a stocked bar with a big screen tv.  I am hoping it doesn’t become the party house.

I fell in love with the huge kitchen. We have been renting for the past 4 years. I missed having cabinet space and a pantry. Another great plus about this kitchen is that I have two ovens. I may not be the best cook around but I could not be happier.



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