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qwikwordDisclaimer: I was offered a cool umbrella for sharing about Qwikword.

A bit about Qwikword:  

A bit about Qwikword:

Qwikword was designed to be a new kind of social media platform that goes beyond clicking a “like” button. The premise of the platform is for a user to react to visual stimuli, called ‘sparks’, and enter the first word that instantaneously comes to mind.

Qwikword builds stronger connections by sharing similarities throughout a global community on a deeper, emotional level. The initial thought, the intuitive reaction, and the international user base, engages a new and interactive type of social community.

Founded in 2013 by Italian entrepreneurs, Qwikword is privately held and is headquartered in New York City.

How it works:

It is called Qwikword and it is just that! The user is given visual stimuli; they call them “sparks”, and is prompted to write down the first word that pops into his/her mind.

If you want to be the first to share your reaction to a word, you can select from a series of “sparks” in the “Limbo” scroll that lives at the top of the home page or if you prefer to comment on pictures that already have at least one word, start the spark flow going by clicking on “Spark Flow”. The object is to quickly input the first word you thought of when seeing the spark. Or, there may be a word from another Qwikword user that you agree with, so you can just show them some love and click on the heart button.

There is also the opportunity for users to upload their own “sparks” which can be pictures, videos, links to a url, or even a word. Sit back and let the fun begin when people begin commenting on your spark.

The platform gives users the opportunity to connect with other users, keep their sparks private/or shared only with a select group, or even engage one-on-one with another person.

What is intriguing about Qwikword is it goes beyond hitting a “like” button and delivers a deeper, emotional response.

The platform also offers a competition phase. The spark that gets the most clicks on the heart button will win Qwikword of the Day/Week/Month. Along with bragging rights, in the near future, the award winners will be qualified to win prizes.

You will have a chance to check out Qwikword and also a chance to win the cool umbrella that was sent to me also.


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Is that not the cutest umbrella? Are you ready to check out Qwikword?

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