Gillette Shaving Cream Deal

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Do you often get frustrated when you shop at Walmart and the shelves have been wiped clean? I know it can be frustrating sometimes. I work full time and miss so many awesome deals.I also don’t feel like shopping this store or that store to score a deal. Time is limited for me, and I only have weekends to shop. I try getting a decent stockpile to last me awhile. I do not shop much during the summer months. My family and I go boating every Saturday so when it is the off season I try shopping when I find a deal.

My husband sent me a Facebook private message on Friday letting me know he was out of shaving cream. I told him I was planning shop this weekend and he could use womens shaving cream.

You can score this FREE at Walmart. I think Walmart’s price is $1.98.

I used the $6/3 Gillette cartridge, razor, shave prep, deodorant or hair care item, excl body wash, RP 8/11

gillette coupon

Dollar General’s price is $2.35 each$2.35 X 3= 7.05

Used $6/3 Gillette cartridge, razor, shave prep, deodorant or hair care item, excl body wash, RP 8/11

Tax 0.56

For a Grand Total $1.61 for 3 can of full size shaving cream

I am sure you can check several stores and find a great deal with this coupon. I did not mind paying a little, I do not expect everything free.



  1. Amy Ledesma says:

    Who was that snippy comment directed at? Those who were able to get it free. Mark me unsubscribed.

    • I could have gotten it free.I did not feel like going to Walmart. Sometimes we can still get a good deal even if its not free. I live in a town that 99% of the time the shelves are wiped clean soon as the papers come out. I was not being snippy sorry you feel that way.

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