Tips For A Clean Home

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Tips For  Clean Home

There really is no place like home, but for a family, that home can easily turn into a chaotic place where you and your children just happen to live.Please check out our tips for a clean home. It’s very easy to find a living room scattered with toys, while you were off cleaning the dining room. Then when you return from cleaning the living room, the dining room has already been occupied and turned upside down. While it’s great to enjoy the time you have with your family and try not to worry about the little things, the mess and clutter can easily add stress to your day and create a longer to do list for you and your family.

Creating a system to help you keep your home in order, and quickly pick up after it has been lived in, is the best way to keep your home safe and livable for every member of the family.

1. Create Designated Places

By creating designated places for items, you save time when it comes to cleaning up, and getting people to pitch in to help clean. Make sure each type of toy has a designated bin or chest, create a Books tub for all books and magazine kept in the living room, and hang a mail sorter on the wall to keep stray mail from getting cluttered on the kitchen counter.

2. Keep Supplies On Hand

In every room, keeping cleaning supplies available that will only be used in that area, is a great way to cut out wasting time getting all your supplies needed. In the bathroom, keep a bucket with cleaning products, towels, sponges, and brushes. In each bedroom, designate a cleaning bucket with an all purpose spray, glass cleaner, duster, and microfiber towel. In the kitchen, keep a separate bucket for degreasers, microfiber towels, scrubbers, and brushes. This way you can easily go into a room, have all the supplies you need, and tackle it accordingly.

3. Clean From Top To Bottom

When you do approach a room to clean, start from top to bottom. You should dust blinds, wipe down windows, wipe surfaces, vacuum furniture, and then tackle the floor last. This way, all the dirt that you may be missing, will all end up on the floor and be cleaned up in one final clean. This also saves you time by not having to go back and do your floors several times to get spots that keep reappearing.

4. Create An “Organize-It-Later” Bin

If you are on short notice, more than likely your home just needs to be picked up rather than deep cleaned. Have a bin or basket in your living room where you are able to throw items in that you do not have a place for at the time. This can include things like stray toys, clothes, and household items, anything that is left out in the open for visitors to see. Then later on when you have time to think rationally, go through the bin, even as a family, to find new places for the lost items.

5. Enlist Help

Nothing goes by faster when you work as a team. Getting your spouse and children to help you with getting the house together quickly is a great approach to have. Even parents who stay at home often battle with the guilt of having their children clean up, but remembering that teaching them responsibility for one’s actions is a great skill to enlist when having your children help you in the home.

A home is a house that reflects you and your family, and should be a place that is comfortable for everyone. No home is perfect, and no home is always clean around the clock, but by creating systems, designated places, and enlisting help when needed, you’ll find your home gets easier to clean and pick up, each and every time.

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