Hurricane Safety And Tips

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I live in South Carolina, I am always keeping up with the weather especially during Hurricane Season.I was 16 when Hurricane Hugo hit Charleston back in September 1989. I do not remember a lot because I was fairly young back then.I remember that my parents decided to ride the storm out at home. We were lucky.We did not get a lot of damage. Hurricane Hugo was a very powerful storm and did some real damage in many areas.Some areas took a long while to get power fully restored. We lived on the same road as the power company and we had power back rather fast.Hurricane Season is from June 1st until November 30th.

Last year, my husband found a really great deal on a gas powered generator. We have never had to use the generator but my husband thought that it was a deal to good to pass up on.

Prepare all important documents now,do not wait until we get a storm and start scrambling looking for everything.

Hurricane Safety & Tips:

If you are in a area and you are told you need to leave —-LEAVE THE AREA, your life is more important than anything else.

Do not forget your pets, they are family too. Some hotels allow pets. Some shelters will allow pets but most will not allow pets.-You can bet where ever I go my dog will be going with me.

If you decide to ride out a storm at home-

  • Batteries, flash lights
  • candles, matches or lighters
  • dry or can food( tuna, nuts,chips, peanut butter)
  • manual can opener, bottle opener
  • cards, or a board games to keep the family occupied
  • charcoal or gas grill- use some of the freezer foods before they spoil
  • Make sure you have all your documents in one place. All insurance information, important pictures.
  • Secure your yard before the storm arrives
  • Have a weather battery powered radio on hand
  • Make sure you have all your prescription medicine
  • Have cash on hand atm machines may not work
  • Make sure you have plenty of water on hand
  • Have all cars fueled and any extra fuel containers before a storm
  • Board up windows
  • Make sure you cell phones are fully charged, they may or may not work if a storm comes and destroys a tower
  • Have a first aid kit
  • Fill coolers with ice
  • Check on friends and family (elderly) make sure they have shelter
  • Do not stay in a mobile home
  • Make sure you have plenty of supplies for any infants in your household, dry milk, diapers , or medications.
  • Pets, and pet food

Most importantly, listen to the news and evacuate if you are told to, make a list as this is just some suggestions to go by.You should be able to pick up a Hurricane Guide from most grocery stores. Make sure to follow evacuation routes.



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