Publix Shopping Trip

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I have really enjoyed shopping at Publix. I must say Publix has been a wonderful experience. The employees are so super friendly.I am a new Publix shopper .

I saved spent $52.22 and saved over $453.03

I knew that the vitamins would give overage with the $3.00 store coupon and match that with the $2.00 manufacturer coupon.I decided to place a order for some coupons so I could get overage and use the overage for other items. I did not want cash back I wanted to shop. I had no idea how much everything would be while I was shopping. I just wanted to make sure I was not getting money back.I placed a order for the Vitamins, I did not clear a shelf. Plus stores probably do not keep that much stock for this particular item.

Most of this trip I did not have coupons for but I was shopping for meat mainly. I did not see a large pack of pork chops like I get in Bilo so I grab a smaller pack. I also did not need hamburger meat  I have tons from deer we had processed. I got some chicken breast. I had a coupon on fresh pork so I wanted to make sure I used those coupons.

I thought the fries was b2g1 but my receipt is not showing them as a b2g1. I had coupons for the Pepperidge Farms cakes. I picked up 8 cakes and put them in the freezer.The Nutella was a special if you bought Nutella you would get strawberries free.I grabbed extra strawberries because we love them and I wanted to make sure I did not get money back. My daughter loves Hershey Kisses and begged me for some. I said fine you can have a bag.

Jimmy Dean I had a printable coupon of a $1.50 off and those was on sale for 2/$5.00. I had 2 coupons. The Velveeta Skillets I used 2 coupons that I printed ($1.00 off TWO (2) VELVEETA Cheesy Casseroles). I had 2 coupons of the Kraft  Homestyle from the inserts I had. I had a Publix coupon for the Skippy peanut butter.

I did not have coupons for anything else. I was just shopping to cover the overage. I new I was going to have overage but I do not calculate anything before shopping. I saw the total over $400 and my heart was beating and my palms was sweaty. The cashier started scanning my coupons and the total kept dropping. I was so excited when the total came to $52.22.

I will tell you I order extra coupons when I want to stockpile extra items. I have never ordered 80 vitamins before. I will be looking for some friends to donate these too.

If you would like to order some clipped coupons check out my favorite clipping site. You can get 10 clipped like coupons for $1.50. Do you ever wish you had some extra whole coupon inserts? Well you are in luck, you can order whole inserts also.I have 2 papers delivered to my house every week. When we have skimpy weeks I will just order extra clipped coupons. When we have great weeks like this weekend, I will order a 8 pack of coupons inserts.

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Basically watch for items that will give you overages. If you have a great store that will place a order for you  could have a great shopping experience like I did today.

I honestly did not want cash back I wanted to make sure I had enough groceries to cover the overages.

What has been your best shopping trip?


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