52 Week Money Challenge Week 6

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Can you believe we are on week 6? I am so proud of myself. Some weeks have been rough but I have manged to keep saving money. I have been doing so well with coupons and have been able to save a little money.This week you will need to deposit $6.00 or you could deposit $26.50 and get the same out come at the end of the year.

I also have been keeping up with my credit each month with a free credit score and monitoring and you can also get the same offer for free. I get one monthly email with a update.

How have you been doing now that we are on week 6? I am still saving money for myself and my husband and can not wait to see this money build. Right now, I do not see a huge amount and that is good. I also have a Christmas club, most banks will allow you to set one up. The bank drafts automatically each week $25 to the Christmas fund.

02/07/2013 TRANSFER ONLINE FROM D010 TO S000 $12.00 $47.45
02/01/2013 TRANSFER ONLINE FROM D010 TO S000 $10.00 $35.45
01/25/2013 TRANSFER ONLINE FROM D010 TO S000 $8.00 $25.45
01/18/2013 TRANSFER ONLINE FROM D011 TO S000 $6.00 $17.45
01/10/2013 TRANSFER ONLINE FROM D010 TO S000 $4.00 $11.45
01/03/2013 TRANSFER ONLINE FROM D010 TO S000 $2.00 $7.45

You can see that I am up to $47.45 in my savings account.I hope you all are doing well at this challenge. If you are new at this challenge please take a look at how I am doing this on the chart.

money challenge

It is never to late to jump on the saving band wagon. You can see when we started this 52 Week money challenge.


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