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Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup

Did you see my Facebook post I completely wiped out my computer on Saturday morning? I was stressing out. I am amazed with just one click of a button you can loose a lifetime of pictures or documents or anything you have stored on your computer.Carbonite Online Backup. Unlimited backup–secure and encrypted, for just $59.00 per year. Start your free trial today!

I was having a problem on my site on Saturday so I was cleaning cache and temp files to see if that would resolve the problem on my end and unfortunately it did not help. I turned the computer off and back on and so on. I saw something and clicked that little button. Everything I had on my computer was completely gone. I have already lost all my pictures once and did not want to travel down that road again.

My computer guy suggested I get Carbonite. I bought Carbonite and had never had to use it before but I felt safe knowing I had back up in case my computer was to get a virus or something I would be able to restore everything once my computer was repaired. I sure never expected I would have been the cause of my frustrations this weekend.

I must say if you do not have some sort of backup system that I highly recommend Carbonite. I think I renew in March and will continue renewing my service with them. It took a while to get everything in place but when I woke up on Sunday morning everything was all back to normal again. I restarted my computer and all the files was in the correct places and everything.

I was so happy and relieved.


Do you use a online backup service?



  1. Christina W. says:

    No I don’t I burn them to dvd if I could afford that is sounds great.

    • My computer guy has always saved my pictures but the last time my computer crashed. He did not realize he had them in another file and completely wiped the computer clean. I agree it may be a little pricey I renew during tax season which helps me on the price.

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