The BROOKIE COOKIE Giveaway Ends 11/3

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Do these cookies look mouth watering or what? If you can not tell, I love cookies. I think of myself kind of like the “Cookie Monster”. Just send me cookies and I will be a happy person. This is thecreme pie cookie.

The Creame Pie Cookie:

The BROOKIE COOKIE Double Chocolate Cookie with luscious vanilla creme. Sink your teeth into this double decker chocolate cookie with creme. This cookie is two original BROOKIE COOKIES with a mountain of vanilla creme oozing out of the sides.ย ***When the cremepie is shipped creme contents may settle. The cremepie in the photo is before packaging, and is meant to indicate the creme filling. The taste remains the same, absolutely delicious!

The BROOKIE COOKIE has a wide selection of tasteful fall treats.

Right now they have available for fall is:

  • Original Chocolate
  • Almond Pecan – Sounds and looks divine
  • Creme Pie
  • Pretzel Crunch
  • Pretzel Pops
  • Biscotti
  • Almond Mix Biscotti


  • Unbleached un-bromated flour, cocoa,
  • cocoa butter, sugar, soy bean oil, fructose corn syrup,
  • 2% milk, chocolate liquor, butter, cage free eggs,
  • vanilla extract, diglicerides, sodium and ammonium
  • bicarbonate, yeast, wheat starch, almonds, pecans,
  • salt and water.

The BROOKIE COOKIES has a variety of shopping options for your convenience. You can also get a sample cookie just by paying shipping and handling of $2.95.

This giveaway is for 2 winners : Creme Pie Cookie 1 cookie each

Disclaimer: I am getting a box of cookies for my blog post about The BROOKIE COOKIES. No other compensation was provided. This is a short and sweet giveaway for the fall and I have had the “The BROOKIE COOKIES” before and highly recommend them.My views and your views may very.





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  1. Lori Williams says:

    Definitely the creme pie!!

  2. Pretzel Crunch

  3. lisa s dias welch says:

    If I choose the Biscotti, then the kids won’t want any! Bwah ha ha ha!

  4. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe says:

    Almond Pecan looks ymmy

  5. Kim Bowler says:

    creme pie looks awesome!

  6. Carla Maire says:

    The original! I’m a simple girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. cheryl dangelo says:

    almond pecan looks yummy

  8. The Creme Pie looks heavenly!

  9. tamma Borzotra says:

    I like the creme pie!

  10. jessica hager says:

    pretzel crunch

  11. Birdie Skolfield says:

    Almond Mix Biscotti

  12. The Pretzel Crunch looks so yummy!

  13. Paula Lee says:

    The Creme Pies look amazing!

  14. jodi bradshaw says:

    creme pie looks the best!

  15. Georgette says:

    Pretzel crunch!

  16. Pretzel Crunch

  17. Creme Pie… is my choice.

  18. Pretzel Crunch… YUM!!

  19. Jennifer Ingram says:

    Creme Pie or Orginial with nuts both look so good

  20. almond pecan

  21. The Original Chocolate.

  22. I like the Original Chocolate.

  23. Charice Adams says:


  24. Cream Pie!!! Looks yummy, but they all do ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Almond Pecan, but all look yummy

  26. terry truesdale says:

    The original or pretzel crunch!

  27. Kristin Gilbert says:

    All of them but pretzel crunch- salty and sweet yummy!

  28. Heidy Champagne says:

    Cream pie

  29. Cara James says:

    Pretzel crunch!!!!:)

  30. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I’d like the Almond Pecan

  31. Maryann D. says:

    I would love the Almond Pecan cookie.

  32. kelly kennedy says:

    They all look yummy

  33. nicole meadows says:

    i like the creme pie & so does my 1 year old… he always needs a bath after he finishes 1

  34. Billie Fetz says:

    the creme pie – YUMMY

  35. The almond pecan looks so good.

  36. Michelle Robbins Hallock says:


  37. Rhonda Banner says:

    They all look yummy, but the creme pie cookie looks amazingly yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. The creme pie looks amazing!!

  39. Creme pie

  40. thanks for having this contest!

  41. Patrice O'Neil says:

    Original Chocolate

  42. Jennifer Hill says:

    Almond Pecan

  43. Blessie Nelson says:

    Give me Almond Pecan brookie cookies!!

  44. Nancy Canada says:

    Creme Pie looks yummy!

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