The BROOKIE COOKIE- Chocolate Blueberry Muffin Deal

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Start your day with a delicious double chocolate muffin. These muffins are perfect for a snack, secret indulgence or a gift! Order them in doubles, 1/2 dozens, or 1 dozen. They are available in plain chocolate, creme or with blueberries. They arrive individually wrapped great, what a reason to share! On Sale Introductory Price $7.99-$13.99 shipping included.

Purchase them at an Introductory Price (prices include shipping)

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1.Double Pack (2) Jumbo 1 double chocolate, 1 double chocolate blueberry w/ creme (7.99)
2. 1/2 dozen Jumbo plain chocolate (10.99)
3. 1/2 dozen Jumbo chocolate w/ creme (10.99)
4. 1/2 dozen Jumbo chocolate blueberry creme (10.99)
5. 1 dozen mixed (medium) (13.99)

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