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I bet you would like to know what is in this cute little box. Well , it is a little piece of chocolate heaven right there I tell ya.  This box is bursting with a large, and I mean really large Blueberry Chocolate Creme Muffin.

I went out to my mail box yesterday afternoon and I had a nice surprise and it was the double chocolate blueberry creme muffin. This muffin is so big that I could not hardly eat it all.

You can tell from my picture that the double chocolate  blueberry muffin is so large compared to the creme pie cookie.Yes, I know I was home all by myself yesterday and I ate both, yes both of these all by myself.

They was a little warm coming straight from the mail box into the house which to me was perfect.It is still warm here in South Carolina so I have to watch the mail a little close in case something might melt in the box right now.

Have you ever had a hostess creme muffin? Well, if you think those might be good well then you really must try the Double Chocolate Blueberry Muffin from The BROOKIE COOKIE.You have a awesome creme filling and a chocolate outsid, yummy stuff.

I do not give my family a chance around here with sweets. My husband is always looking for something sweet. He leaves on the weekends for hunting trips and I get to have my sweet attacks . He misses out on all the good stuff and he never knows what he is missing. Yeah, you can tell him I am a awful wife that does not like to share my sweets.

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  1. Marcy van der Linden says:

    The Brookie Cookie looks yummolisicious! Yes I would definitely like to try out something new that I’ve never had before. Thanks Brookie Cookie Co.

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