Shoes For Crews Sweepstakes Ends 11/3

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Shoes For Crews is offering one of you a chance to win a pair of shoes. You will get a coupon code that does not expire and no price limit. Men or women style shoe choice whatever you pick out.

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  1. Daphne

  2. vikki hendersot says:

    Euro clog=)

  3. Falcon

  4. Eve Ghigliotti says:

    The mens wing tipped Or stafford he has been a customer for years!! Too many to count & the shoes aren’t cheap!

  5. Keno Moore says:


  6. Chelle Crew says:


  7. clog type

  8. Revolutions women’s 9141

  9. Dorothy Walters says:

    envy 2 black

  10. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the Mens evolution for my son

  11. Paula Lee says:

    I like the Pegasus Women’s, Black Style# 9040

  12. Jennifer Rote says:

    Xtreme Sport Hiker – Soft Toe

  13. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I’d love to get the Expedition – Steel Toe for my husband.

  14. MISSY SCHUTZ says:

    I like the old school lowrider:)

  15. Euro Clog

  16. dana ward-haworth says:

    SFC Froggz® Pro

  17. melina rOld School Low-Rider says:

    Old School Low-Rider

  18. The freestyle

  19. melanie ramey says:

    the auroras in black are nice

  20. Letty Gorecki says:

    I can really use the Ait Clogs Style #9070 while working my night shifts at the hospital.

  21. Falcon

  22. Pegasus Women’s, Black Style# 9040 are my favorite!

  23. aurora is my fav.

  24. Stephanie Hartman says:


  25. mary fanara coleman says:

    I like the Iris Clogs.

  26. Cathie Shane says:

    I like the Falcon style

  27. bradley howard says:

    the air clog seems light weight and comfy! i love that they’re slip resistant too

  28. i need work boot they are high ankle protection

  29. Air Clog

  30. Mike Davis says:

    I could really us some new work boots––in black

  31. Charice Adams says:

    Men’s Alpine Soft Toe

  32. courtney hennagir says:

    i love the allure and daphne

  33. Lucy Nguyen says:

    Euro clog

  34. I like the SFC Avenger Men’s, White Style# 8143 for my husband.

  35. Julie Summa says:

    I love the womens Daphne 🙂

  36. Falcon

  37. vickie marks allbright says:

    Ranger – Composite Toe I WOULD PICK THESE FOR MY SON

  38. mollie griffin says:

    I like the TMX


    I love the MARY JANE shoe

  40. James Hammond says:

    I like the Discovery.

  41. Julia Hodges says:

    Hornet Steel Toe boots … my husband gets these for work all the time and he loves them!

  42. work boots for my son!

  43. jennifer wexler says:

    i would like the white air clogs

  44. Ellen Levickis says:

    SFC Froggz® Pro

  45. Kristin Gilbert says:

    Xtreme Sport Hiker – Soft Toe so cute!!

  46. Heidy Champagne says:

    Air Clog in black

  47. sharon winne says:

    I like the Daphne!

  48. T Erickson says:

    I like the Air Clog or Iris:)

  49. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I like the SFC Froggz® Pro for women.

  50. I like the Blackhawk Composite Toe.

  51. Nicole McCoy says:


  52. Alaine Cherry says:

    Something my son could use! He would love that!

  53. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I love the SFC Avenger!

  54. Ronda Kaufman says:

    Chloe. I love casual shoe.

  55. Barbara Calder says:

    I love the clogs . I have had numerous styles from SFC and they are all great. They wear well, are slip resistant and well priced. Love this brand!

  56. Sylvia R. says:

    Expedition – Steel Toe. For my fiance for work. He works in construction and really needs a good pair!

  57. Elizabeth C says:

    Men’s Eastside or Predator. Thnx! E

  58. The best I have found are the Energy shoes! Very comfy!

  59. My husband likes the Empire – Composite Toe Brown Style #8183

  60. Terri Rickert says:

    I lie the chloe

  61. Terri Herman says:

    I like the Eastside shoes.

  62. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    I like the Vibe II style for my hubby 🙂

  63. april yedinak says:

    I like the Duchess shoe

  64. karen christy brown says:

    i love the iris

  65. Blessie Nelson says:

    I love the Bella Boots

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