Ozeri Fresko Duo Review

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Ozeri is a brand that I have come to love with all the great products that they carry. Today, I had the chance to test out the Fresko Duo salt and pepper grinder.We are big salt and pepper users in my house. I am hoping to start using more sea salt now that I have a really cool grinder to salt my food with.

My husband uses peppercorn on his steaks and having this easy to use grinder will season his steaks with a breeze now.

The Ozeri Fresko salt and pepper grinder was made in Germany.The Fresko Duo utilizes powerful eco-friendly ceramic gears capable of grinding peppercorns, salt, and spices. The Fresko Duo also features two adjustable knobs for grain adjustment from fine to coarse, and a transparent container that both reveals the grinding action and makes monitoring seasoning levels easy.

The grinder is easy to take a part and fill with your favorite spices and seasons.

I will be using peppercorn and sea salt for my spices of choice.You can quickly grind salt and pepper with just a turn on the grinder.Some recipes call for very course pepper and that is what is so great about the Fresko Duo grinder.You have end caps on both sides of the grinder so you will not have salt or pepper on your shelves.

I love how slim and slender the Fresko Duo grinder is and how this does not take up much counter or shelf space. This is mess free and very easy to use grinder. Having something on my shelf and making my home look modern and very up to date.

The Fresko Duo grinder will need to be filled a bit more often just because the chambers is a bit smaller since this is a duo but that does not affect the quality of the grinder at all.


You can buy this right now on Amazon.



Disclaimer: I was sent a Ozeri Fresko Duo grinder for my honest thoughts and opinions. Your views and my views may vary. None the less I only recommend products that I feel you may like also.



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