Monkey Blam Review

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My son has Eczema and Keratosis on his skin so I figured I would try the Monkey Balm. I will have to say I can not use anything that has a scent or dyes so this is an all natural product so I knew it would be safe. It has cleared up a spot on the back of his knees which was red from his eczema. He also had food allergies and that can flare up his skin conditions so I am hoping by using the monkey balm every day it will help with this problem. It is so easy to use and not messy at all.I have tried other products it was a total disaster with a 2 year old. It is even compact enough to put in the diaper bad for on the go. It has made his skin so soft and smooth. I also have very dry skin so I am going to start using it myself in hopes to help my skin. Monkey balm also helps with diaper rash. I have never really had a problem with my son having diaper rash but I do put cream on him every night and I have been using the monkey balm the past week and no redness or anything so that is a plus in my book. I love this product because it is all natural and I can use it on my sons skin. It has been so hard to find good creams and this is a one stop shop that’s for sure. It can even help with sunburn, scrapes and rashes. I know from now on I will have monkey balm in my diaper bag at all times.

This picture is not that great but this is the before picture.

Monkey Balm is 100% natural:The rest of the ingredients in Monkey Balm are all natural, soothing botanicals and emollients to soften your children’s skin and make them “Happy Monkeys”.

•Sea buckthorn seed oil
•Sea buckthorn fruit oil
•Sea buckthorn puree
•Castor seed oil
•Jojoba seed oil
•Cocoa butter
•Vitamin E
•Squalene (plant source)

This is the after picture of Monkey Balm.

Disclaimer: I was sent Monkey Balm for my nephew and my sister did the review on her son. She likes how well it has helped and recommends. No other compensation was provided.



  1. Tonia Sanders -@TheChattyMomma says:

    Thanks for sharing. My 3yo has been diagnosed and has the worse rash on her bottom. It’s been a pain looking for things that are soothing.

  2. that would be great! we live in very cold windy conditions and our hands (and varius other parts) dry out and crack so often this would be wonderful to have on hand!

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