Beauty Spoon Stocking Idea

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This is a beauty tool designed to help you use every bit of product left in the container. I used this on my shampoo bottle to help me scoop out the last bit of shampoo. This will be great to scoop out when my lotion gets low and the pump will not pump out the lotion on the bottom.

The spoon comes in two sizes a 7 inches and a 10 inch size. This should cover any size container fr all your products.

When you are finished simply just was off the spoon with soap and water. You can brag to your friends how you are saving money because you can get the last drop out of a your beauty products.

Claudia A. Hoexter,  is the inventor of the Beauty Spoon. One morning she sketched on a piece of paper before work and created the beauty spoon. She was frustrated because she could not reach the bottom of her beauty products.

Body wash is another one that I can never get all of the product and throw away.I will now have a tool to use to get every last drop of body wash.

With the holidays around the corner and you might be looking for that unique gift idea or stocking stuffer. Think about the Beauty Spoon, you may make someone a happy camper for such a cool gift.
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