Spending Time With Dad Hunting

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How did you spend time with your dad as a child? Madison has been hunting with her dad since she was two. I was not a happy mom about her in the woods but I worked on weekends back then ,so she was with her dad and he was not missing a day of hunting. Yes, I have married a very active deer hunter. Each year she loved going more ,and more, she loved riding on the back of the truck on the dog box.

Madison is of course a girl and my husband joined a hunting club since the government woods changed a ton of rules so my husband had to join a club. He found a club but they had very strict rules about females coming to this club. Females was only allowed to come twice a year and that was it. I was not happy that he joined a club where he can not take his daughter since he raised her hunting.

As times has gone by, now this hunting club allows females every other week during the hunting season which is from Aug. 15 to Jan 1st. This is a dog hunting club but you can still hunt anytime and females can come any time to still hunt.

My husband thought the older Madison got that she would not be interested in hunting because she would be driving and have friends and also have a job. Well, Madison is still very much interested in hunting even though she is now 16 she would go every chance she can get to hunt.

Madison and Derek went hunting last night and she killed a doe, and he killed a cow horn buck.This is how Madison loves spending time with her dad doing what they do best.




  1. What a great father – daughter story. I love it. I used to help my dad work on his car. Not that I am or was a gear head, I was just his offical tool getter so he didn’t have to climb back out from under the car!

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