Oraline Kids Review

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Well now it has been a few weeks, I am curious have you bought a Oraline kids kit for your little ones?

UV Sanitizer *12 Tubes of BBGUM Toothgel *1 set of 6 Customized Toothbrushes For $59.95

Ordering is simple and very easy, did you know you can personalize the toothbrush?

Steps for ordering: You will need to put a check in the box for 2 to 4 year old or 4 to 7 year old.

Then  click to add names and faces, a button will appear, you will select font, color and upload image.

Then you will approve and move on to the check out.

You will need to create a account. Make sure that everything looks correct before finalizing the check out process.

For the first 100 people that order a Oraline Kit will get a gift bag filled with samples from top brands just for ordering.The Maggies Clubs Gift Bags contain sample products from a variety of top brands that moms use everyday.


Parker is still having a blast keeping his teeth cleaned and also his mom is happy that the sanitizer is keeping his toothbrush germ free.Do not forget that cross contamination happens and prevention is by using the sanitizer. You never know what germs are lurking around in your home.The Oraline Kids toothbrush is easy to use just as you would use any other toothbrush.

A New Wat To Fight Germs

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