Oragnizing The Kitchen Cabinets

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Yes, I am a disorganized mess. My cabinet needed some TLC. I cleaned out all out dated food and trashed it. As you can see, I do not stockpile food products. I only stockpile mainly non perishable foods.

I will stock up on some can beans and a few other items that I know we will use. I do have 20 bottles of Heinz ketchup. The bottles will not fit in my cabinet. I am in process of looking for a storage shelf but I do not plan to pay a arm and a leg for.

Here is my finished cabinet after throwing away all outdated products and with everything a little bit more organized.

How often do you go threw your cabinets or pantry? I am hoping to start cooking a bit more at home this Fall and winter and stay out of fast food restaurants.

Do you have some awesome stockpile pictures? I sure wish I had more space to store a little more but I am so limited .




  1. Jennifer Billy says:

    Looks good! I need to do the same. My cabinets are a mess. I think it has bee 6 months since I went through and organized. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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