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I often check online before making a local purchase. I do not have a problem supporting my local businesses but I am always on a search for the best price and deal.I was able to grab a great deal from QVC for my camera I bought before I went to Mexico.

I purchased a Fuji Flim camera for $199 with 5 easy pay payments. That was great knowing I was about to leave the country for a trip of a lifetime. I love looking for a discount code and seeing if I can find the best deal. Walmart carried this same camera but I would have had to pay the full $199 and I wanted to keep as much of my money as I could so I could enjoy my vacation. I do not own a credit card. I pay cash for everything.

Another thing I purchased recently was a part for our Yamaha Rhino. I was able to purchase online and saved over $100. Yes, I know we might have to wait for shipping and not have it right now and then but I do not mind when it comes to saving money.

The possibilities is totally endless when you shop online. You can get coupon codes to even use in a store, online or whatever the case may be. Household, apparels, health and beauty,travel, hotels and so much more.

I would love to know how you save and shop? Do you check online for a discount before making a large purchase? We redid our pontoon boat seats about 2 years ago and we ordered them online and they arrived UPS with free shipping. If we had of used a local dealer we would have had to pay shipping and would have paid so much more out of pocket.

It pays to shop around with a little patience and a little time you can stretch your dollar bills.



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