Emsa Clip & Close Storage Containers

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Let’s just state for the record that my bowl cabinet is a utterly and complete disaster zone. I love these storage containers. You can stack all the bowls and lids back together and have some organization.

Do you have that hard to buy for person for the holidays? Do you know someone that has no space or needs some organizational help? These storage containers would be perfect for them.

My cabinets do not know what it feels like to be organized. I only have one cabinet for bowls. Everything is just thrown into the cabinet and lord knows if I pull out one thing everything is coming out the cabinet.

These bowls will be great for our boating trips during the summer. They will fit perfectly into a cooler.These  containers are designed to keep a air tight seal. These containers was made in Germany with a higher standard of quality. They also have a 30 year warranty including the lids and clips.

  • Seal and lid are fused togethr, no dirt or bacteria cne be trapped underneath the seal
  • Made from BPA-free material
  • 100-Percent leak-proof, airtight and aroma safe
  • Lids are interchangeable with Emsa Snap and Close Containers
  • 30-Year warranty

Information from the site:

Healthier, fresher and easier to use, Emsa Clip & Close Containers were developed by German engineers in response to consumers’ wish lists for the ideal food storage container. With convenience you’ll appreciate every day, Clip & Close is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can prepare, store and serve in the same container. Made of BPA-free materials, Clip & Close food storage containers are even certified safe for baby food. The Clip & Close seal and lid are inseparably fused together so no dirt, or bacteria can be trapped underneath the seal. With the Clip & Close Exclusive sealing system, each piece is 100% sanitary, 100% leak-proof and 100% airtight. For anything from freshly cut fruit and salads to marinades and leftovers, the innovative design keeps flavors and aromas inside the container when they belong. Containers are light and unbreakable, superior for carrying snacks and meals in purses, backpacks or picnic baskets. Know exactly how much you are storing, markings for ounces/cups/liters are on every base. Containers nest and stack for compact storage.

Disclaimer: These storage containers was sent to me to review and consider for my gift guide. I do think they are great containers and would help someone that needs some organizing help.My views and your views may vary and you may or may not have the same results as I did.





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