Do You Need Extra Coupon Inserts?

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Coupon Basic's

I love getting extra Inserts from Insert Insanity.I have ordered a couple of times and I order extra clipped coupons weekly. This is so much cheaper for me to purchase inserts through Insert Insanity rather than getting my paper delivery each week.

This week Insert Insanity is having a mini  coupon  insert stockpile sale:

If you are looking to get caught up on your coupons for the month of September, this is a great way to do it. This pack contains a 4 pack of each week in September. Remember, a 4 pack means 4 of each insert, so on a week with 3 inserts, that’s a total of 12 coupon inserts! Specifically, here’s what you get:

September 9: (4) Smartsource #1
(4) Smartsource #2
(4) Red Plum

September 16: (4) Smartsource
(4) Red Plum

September 23: (4) Smartsource

This is a total of 24 whole coupon inserts and they are LOADED! Please keep in mind that when you order this pack, it will not ship until September 23 when they have received the 9/23 coupon inserts.

While supplies last, you will receive a $5.00 wiz Clipz Gift Certificate! Simply place your order and within 24 hours you will receive and email with your redemption code!

You can get everything listed above for $24.92 that is more coupons than I get with my delivery subscription.

Click here to order Inserts all you need to do is look to the left on the bottom and you will see “New Packs” click that link and that is where you would place your order.





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