What you see is what you get

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Heather from Bubba Mack has posted this challenge and I am up for the challenge. Heather is like a big sister mentor to me.

What you see is what you get:

I am not the fancy type at all. I love my blue jeans and T-shirts. I hate having to wear dress clothes for work. – If you was to come to my house any given day and I am home you will see me in my pajama bottoms and a T-shirt. One of my husbands friends came by the other day and said this is how he sees me all the time. I just laughed. I am comfortable and I am home and I sure am not showing anything. My pajama bottoms are long flannel type pants. I wear them in the summer. Our house is always freezing.

I love riding my atv and getting muddy. I have my own because I love to drive and I am not one for the back seat. I like being in control. We love going to the hunting club to ride and we have traveled to some atv parks. I really liked Busco Beach in Goldsboro, NC.- Did not like the tent camping though.

I love spending our summers on the water. We have a old pontoon that has been completely restored.

I am not a big cook. I wish I did try out more cooking but sometimes some recipes can cost a arm and a leg to make.

I lost a baby and she would be 18 on Sept. 26. I was blessed with Madison and she is 16 and very spoiled.

I love dogs and would just keep as many as I could if my husband would let me. We have two labs that stay indoors and are big spoiled babies. We also have many more dogs at the hunting club. Feeding them can be very expensive.

I wish I did not have to work outside the home. One day my goal will be to work from home.

I have traveled to Mexico three times. All three was all expense paid trips. My husband won through his job. I hope he wins again next year because the trip is to Costa Rica.

I have not traveled very much in the USA and I would love to see more of this country we have.

I hate having my picture taken. It took me forever to find this picture to share.-My daughter loves taking pictures.

My husband and I share the same birthday August 26th, yes this Sunday.

I am a one person show at Coupons Savings In The South, what you see is what you get and that is me. I am very active on my Facebook page. I am not big on Twitter but I do try and reply back. I just do not have it all figured out.I see Twitter parties all the time and the great prizes that can be won and I miss them because I do not want to look like a idiot.

My house is lived in and not spotless. You will always find a load of laundry on the couch that needs folding. My kitchen table and coffee table always have papers on it.

I do not touch raw meat and I have never patted a hamburger. If I can not fork it or spoon it, my husband will get it.

I do not like beer and I am not big on any other alcoholic beverage.

I am sure there is a ton more about me. I would love to know more about you. Please share.



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