The Good Ole Days

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My husband and I married January 21,1994. Seems like many, many years ago. We did not have a fancy wedding at all. Very simple and the photographer was Derk’s aunt. She also created a VHS for us to keep of our wedding.

So much new technology has come out since 1994. We do not even own a VHS player any more. We had a friend convert our wedding over but still we have not been able to view the wedding in a long time. I was searching online for a media outlet that I could download and play my wedding.I came across VLC Media Player.

Sometimes keeping the good ole days in my head helps me get through a very rough day. We got married at the young age of 20 and we are still married today. My daughter says at her school not many of her friends parents are still married. I sometimes think people think divorce is easier than actually sometimes trying to solve a problem or just learning to communicate with each other. Today for an example has not been marital bliss but I still love him. He has a toothache and he is not in a real good mood. I am not big into signs but we are both Virgos. We have the same  birthday and same year. We was born in different hospitals and I am just a few hours older than him.

Are we perfect for each other I do not know but he is good to me and that is all that really matters.



  1. That’s so beautiful…my husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary. I was 19 and he was 20 when we got married. At our wedding ceremony some of my mother’s friends actually left when they found out how old (young) we were lol no one thought we would make it this far because of getting married so young AND because we are an interracial couple. But here we are and yes it does get a little stressful at times but when you do look at the good ole days, the foundation of your marriage…that smile comes back everytime…I am so happy to be married all this time. My single friends always try to say they enjoy being single, but when we have a serious talk most of them really want a committed relationship. Thanks for sharing your story and congrats!

    • Thanks, no one ever thought we would make it 6 months yet here we still are together. We might fuss and have our arguments but we still manage to stay together.He went to bed mad at me lol. However he has a toothache so I will blame it on his pain right now. I told him I know that is the one of the worst pains to have.
      That is awesome , and yes being in a interracial marriage has probably got a lot of ups and downs.How sad that your moms friends left because of your age.

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