Stim-U-Dent Plaque Removers

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Stim-U-Dent is like a small tooth pick that goes in between your teeth and tackles plaque. Taking care of your teeth while young is a good healthy start to keeping your teeth. Unfortunately , I had to get dentures because I was afraid of going to the dentist as a child. My husband has been using the Stim-U-Dent on his teeth , and I have been using on my bottom teeth.

Do you often forget to floss? You can keep these little sticks in your car, and purse.Stim-U-Dent helps stimulate your gums .If you do not remove all plaque you can run the chance of getting gum disease or even gingivitis.

Stim-U-Dent is pliable ,wooden sticks that are triangular shape and designed to fit between teeth and  stimulate your gums to fit gingivitis. Use Stim-U-Dent after eating is very important to remove and food partials and plaque build up.

You could always try the The Natural Dentist Gum Rinse in addition to the Stim-U-Dent for a healthy mouth and smile.

Try Stim-U-Dent for FREE until August 31.  LIKE The Natural Dentist Facebook page ( and sign up for the free Stim-U-Dent rebate offer. 

You can purchase Stim-U-Dent for a average price of $3.29 at most mass retailers.

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  1. Heather J says:

    Oh goodness, another tooth product I would LOVE to have. I love anything that has to do with oral care. I’m glad to know see you AND your husband using them!! Awesome. I will probably be getting those soon 🙂

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