Staycation Projects

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I work and when I am off work I pretty much keep things just tidy around my house with just the keeping up with daily routines of cleaning house. Keeping the dishes washed, laundry washed ,bathroom cleaned and so on.

My house needs a really good scrubbing and with my schedule I do not make the time to get what is needed to be cleaned clean. I took off the week of August 13th,2012. I have a small list of projects I plan to work on while I am off this week.

Friday 8/10 cleaning my bathroom top to bottom, that includes throwing out old stuff like make up that I no longer wear and anything not being used at the time.

I also plan to clean my bedroom from top to bottom. This includes going through my closet and removing clothes I do not wear and donate them to Goodwill. I will be washing the sheets making the bed and polishing the furniture.

Saturday 8/11 I will be cleaning the  living room top to bottom. Everything needs dusting from the coffee table to the entertainment center. I will also vacuum my couches and get any dust bunnies that may be hiding in my furniture.

8/12  I will relax as much as possible, I have a wedding at 4 to attend.

8/13 School shopping day with Madison

8/14 I plan to clean the kitchen top to bottom. The refrigerator needs a good cleaning out and scrubbing. The floors need mopping and all counters will be wiped down and scrubbed. I will also work in the laundry room and clean out anything that needs cleaning.

8/15 I will work on filing some paper work in the computer room .

The rest of the week I will keep up with daily house hold chores. Madison has to have her room cleaned before school starts back. I have some clothes that I need to take pictures of and get listed for sale.

This is how I will be spending my staycation. Sounds like fun right? I can not wait to get started and get the dust bunnies out the house and get things fresh smelling and all clean again.

What did you do on your vacation?



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