Picking Out The Perfect Frame

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I love buying prints from Ebay of Labradors. I have a yellow lab and a black lab. I often have trouble finding poster frames for my pictures until I was researching online and came across http://wholesaleposterframes.com/.

I can get custom sizing of frames and matting for my prints. Now finding this out just recently makes me want to go shopping really soon.I find it is much cheaper to buy just the prints and frame myself. You can still get a high quality look with out paying the high quality price.

Do you have a print addiction? Just about all my pictures in my home are lab prints. One of my favorites is Jim Killen . He has so many great prints of labs.I try getting good pictures of my girls but all they will do is sleep. If I come around with the camera they lower their head and hide. It baffles me as if they know I am taking a picture of them.

I managed to snap a picture of Dixie one day in the yard.

I was testing out my new camera and seeing how well the zoom feature worked. Now if I can get Molly and Dixie standing or sitting together that would be a great picture.

What kinds of prints do you like?





  1. I have a whole set of sunset pics that I took at my grandparents cottage that I keep meaning to get framed… I need to frame them… thanks for the post!

  2. I agree a good frame can make a photo amazing. I love to mix and match my frames

  3. I have a big photo collage in my living room of all the kids. Just love it. I bought matching frames in different sizes.

  4. Melanie K. says:

    I love black labs! Ours passed away last year and it was so sad. They are such kind dogs and she was so wonderful with our son.

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