Nutrisystem Weight Battles #NSNation

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Week 10 has come and gone and I am rolling into the 11th week of Nutrisystem. These past two weeks has been busy and pretty hectic if I must say so. My husband and I had to attend a meeting in Virginia beach and that put us off schedule. We both have been doing so well. Of course mother nature visits again so therefore the scales always seem to overload. I was so shocked this morning to see I was at 209 lbs.I have gone all the way down to 203 lbs. I am thinking it is because of my bloating from my menstrual cycle.I should go back down in my weight so I will give it a few days to see. I just get so aggravated. I was thinking about canceling my membership at the gym but I am thinking maybe I need to step it up a bit and get back into a Zumba class. I mean I do pay $66 a month for a membership and I am not taking full advantage of the gym.

My measurements :

Chest 35 inches

Waist: 42 inches

Thigh 28 inches

Looks like I am still loosing inches. Maybe I should take my measurements in the mornings instead of the afternoons. My waist is larger but I have dropped inches every where else. I will take that as a good sign.

Week 5 and 6 have come and gone for my husband Derek. He also gained this week . He is back to weighing 192.We both had a very disappointing week. I think stress may also cause some weight gain and we are both under a little bit of stress at the moment . Hopefully we can get all that taken care of and get back on track.

Favorites this week:

Breakfast: French Toast

Lunch : Pizza

Dinner: Beef wedge potatoes

Let’s hope for a better week next week, because I really can not handle much more disappointment.

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