Hot Heinz Ketchup .50 Coupon,I am Brand Loyal

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I am open to use many different products. However, I am brand loyal to Heinz. I do not even attempt to buy any other brand. In my opinion nothing else compares when this is the brand of choice for me.

I almost jumped out of my computer chair this morning when I saw that I would be able to buy 10 coupons of .50 Heinz Ketchup coupons for $1.50.

We can not keep enough ketchup in my house. My daughter works in a fast food restaurant and is always bringing home something to eat. She eats fries more than a personal should be allowed.

The only place that doubles coupons is Bi-Lo in my town. I purchased 2 packs of coupons. These expire on 9/30 so I can and will be able to shop around or find a sale .I always buy the larger bottles of Ketchup but I may be able to get a better deal buying smaller bottles. I will have to wait until I can get to the store.

I just purchased my coupons and they should arrive on Thursday just in time before I go on my weekend shopping trip.

If you are interested in buying some for your self. Type in the search bar on WizClipz Heinz Ketchup. There is a limit of buying just 2 packs right now.




  1. could stock up on my ketchup

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