Heinz Ketchup Mini Shopping Trip

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Last week I ordered some Heinz .50 c coupons from Wiz Clipz. I never get good coupons like this in my paper. We go through so much ketchup and even more during the Summer because we are grilling out so much on the boat. I ordered 20 coupons. I got a pack of 10 for $1.50 so for $3.00 I got 20 coupons and that included my shipping.

I could have bought smaller bottles probably for a better deal than what I got but we use so much I bought the bigger bottles.

I am also thinking that since next weekend is Labor Day Weekend that ketchup will be on sale somewhere so I would buy more when I see the sale.

Bi-Lo Heinz Ketchup $1.88 on Sale Reg $2.99

.50 Heinz coupon that doubled

I paid .88 c each bottle of ketchup

Total 5.28  Plus tax.

I also had some good coupons come from the register that I will use next week when I go get more ketchup. These bottles do not expire until 9/13 so we have plenty of time to use all of the ketchup.

Wiz Clipz is now out of the clipped Heinz coupons but they do have some available in the Insert Insanity package deals they have on sale.


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