Get 10 Bic Flame Disc For $1.50

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I was browsing which coupons I was going to order and I came across this coupon. I started not to order because I was thinking we use gas grills here at the house. It dawned on me it is hunting season and my husband uses charcoal at the hunting club. I would be crazy not to buy this for him to keep at the hunting club.

Wiz Clipz has a limit of one set but you are getting 10 coupons for $1.50 which includes shipping.

This coupon is listed under the SS 8/26 and it is on the 4th page.

This is really hot. You are getting a value of $4.99 each Flame Disc.

You can also purchase “The Big Daddy” of inserts on Insert Insanity for some more great coupons.



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