Dollar Tree Will Accept Coupons

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I thought I would share a recent article from my weekly newspaper column with you.
Rumor has it that Dollar Tree Stores will begin taking manufacturer coupons as soon as August 26, 2012. This is a big step for the Dollar Tree Corporation who has up until this year been very anti coupon. I called most of our local stores today and they confirmed.
Dollar Tree will begin taking Manufacturer coupons August 26, 2012 in most areas. Some will begin in September. There will be signage to confirm in each store. There is no official policy yet on the website, but all the stores did confirm the following about the new policy.
The ABC’s of the new Dollar Tree coupon policy:
Only (2) two like coupons allowed PER transaction.
This means you can buy (2) cans of Lysol and use (2) $0.50 coupons. If you buy more Lysol, they will be $1.00. You can still buy more items like comet, chips, etc.and use coupons on those items also.
BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) coupons are NOT allowed
Only (2) two internet printable coupons allowed PER order
If you are buying (4) four products and using internet printed coupons, they will only allow (2) two.
Coupons that require the cashier to write in the price are NOT allowed
Coupons that give you a free item when purchasing a select item are NOT allowed
Ex. A coupon that gives you a free pack of gloves when you purchase a bottle of comet. This type of coupon will not be allowed.
Retailer specific coupons are NOT allowed.
Coupons MUST be presented at time of purchase
Coupons Can Not be redeemed for more than the value of the product
            This means no overage and coupon will be price adjusted if for more than $1.00
I expect a new corporate policy to be in effect by September, when all stores nationally will be operating on the same policy. My local store stated that individuals can pick up the current policy in store. I am looking forward to visiting Dollar Tree next week and using my coupons. This is a great step for Dollar Tree.
In my opinion Dollar Tree is keeping up with the Jones’s. Both Dollar General and Family Dollar accept manufacturer coupons and have gone a step further to create their own store coupons as well. This is a bold move for Dollar Tree. During the 2nd fiscal quarter of 2012, Dollar Tree Inc. reported a 26% increase in sales.
Here is what CEO Bob Sasser had to say recently during a corporate conference call with investors, “In our current economy with customers struggling to balance their family budgets in the face of persistently high unemployment and now unpredictable fuel prices, many people are finding Dollar Tree to be a destination for high-value consumer products. The company operates more than 4,520 stores in the U.S. and Canada. It opened 77 stores, expanded or relocated 21, and closed five during the second quarter.
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