HAAN Coupon Code $10 Ends 7/24

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HAAN is eager to spread worldwide awareness about the benefits of handheld steamers. Through the “Mission Giveaway” HAAN shared the latest and greatest in handheld steam cleaner technology that will make your cleaning regimen not only quicker and easier, but chemical-free too. Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner of the HAAN Steaming Summer Mission Prize Pack,Christina S and her friend, JeanneMarie Diane S,! If you missed the Mission Giveaway, don’t worry, HAAN still has something special for you! Check out the latest review of theHAAN Power & Finesse SI75 and learn why the power of a steam mop and hand held could help you clean any household surface from kitchen countertops to upholstery and clothes! While you’re there, use the special Coupon Code for $10 off a HAAN Power & Finesse SI75 on Haanusa.com! Hurry, offer only valid until July 24th!


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