Ask Maddy: Relationships

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Today, I’m going to talk about relationships because I’m a teenager and I know girls get hurt and so do guys. My best friend has told me a lot about his relationships, which is sometimes a little too much, but he tells me anyways.

Guys will do just about anything to make a girl feel wanted. I’ve been put in this position so many times and it hurts, a lot. This post may not benefit the parents but this post will just inform you of how guys act so you can somewhat understand why your daughter is in her room crying her eyes out or whatever the case is. I’m going to rename one of the guys who always does this to me, today, his name will be Chandler. What he does is sends me mixed signals and a ton of guys will do that to girls. If you don’t understand what I mean by that, let me break it down for you. The guy will ask the girl to hangout, so they do… after they’re done hanging out he will tell the girl how great it was and he can’t wait to do it again, so they will plan another day to hangout… when the next time for them to hangout comes around he’ll make some great excuse and maybe the first couple of times the girl will believe those excuses and then she starts to wonder why they haven’t hung out or something. That’s just like step one for the guy. Even though they haven’t hung out in a few days, the guy still texts her acting as if he really likes her and maybe he does but he has a terrible way of showing it. This girl still feels as if he really does like her so he’s kind of making her look stupid because of her sweet tweets/status updates. Everyone can see that he is playing this girl but she doesn’t see it only because she doesn’t want to see it. Those are just a few ways that guys send mixed signals. There are plenty more but those are the two that happened to me most recently.

Back to the story about Chandler… as I said previously in the last paragraph is that Chandler sends me mixed signals occasionally. It’s been about two weeks since we’ve last talked mainly because I figured out what was going on and he quit talking to me and I quit talking to him. He likes this one girl named Jenny and me, at like the same time I guess you could say. (The name isn’t real.) When we weren’t hanging out, he was trying to hang out with Jenny and when he wasn’t hanging out with Jenny he was trying to hang out with me but I didn’t realize that for the longest time. Chandler told me that he wanted to be with me, he had no doubt about that. He also said that him and his family believed that we were going to get married because we are so close and we have so much in common. I didn’t care about him saying we were going to get married because that is a long time from now but when you say you want to be with me, I put all my trust in you and then you let me down? That’s really messed up and I’m sure I’m not the only girl who’s been put in this position.

I’ve realized that being sixteen, I don’t want a relationship. Chandler’s aunt told me that I need to have fun instead of worrying about being in a relationship. I’m not going to be young forever and I won’t be able to talk to different guys when I’m older. Although, this day in time if you hang out with four different guys in three weeks they’ll say that you’ve slept with them or something and that’s not how it is all the time. If you give yourself that name, it’s another story but as long as you know that you’re not a slut or whatever name they decide to call you, it shouldn’t matter. Being called names sometimes can make you lose your friends too, but what I’m trying to say is don’t worry about searching for the right guy if you’re young. You’ve got your twenties and thirties to do all of that. Worry about having fun and getting your head straight as a teenager!


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