Ask Maddy: Lying

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This week, I’m going to talk about lying. I’ve lied to my parents so many times in my life that it isn’t even funny and when I get caught in that action then I feel terrible. I’m sure I’m not the only teen who feels this way though. Recently, well, in the past few months… I’ve lied to them about a lot. Last Tuesday, I felt extremely bad because my parents were just starting to let me go off more and stuff and I lied to my mom about something pointless but in the end it really wasn’t pointless. My mom asked me if I had a Twitter and my response was a no. She looked me up and she seen where I had blocked her from my account. I lied to her because I was cussing and being a completely different person than what I am to them on that social network. Some parents don’t really understand all of that stuff and if I wouldn’t have opened my mouth about one of my friends getting a Twitter, I’m sure she would have never found out but since I opened my mouth, I kind of got myself in trouble. I apologized for all of the stuff that I did but really an apology doesn’t always work. Her and my father forgave me but I swear to you, I will never post stuff like that on ANY social network anymore. My parents let me do so much even though sometimes they don’t let me do EVERYTHING I’d like to do but I’ve realized that lying to them will only make me have less things to do in life because it makes them not trust me as much and not let me go out or do anything that I’d like to. I’m going to start being a better daughter, that’s a promise to them and all of you who are reading 🙂 I’m sure a lot of teens won’t read this post, but if there are, here’s a tip: Don’t lie to your parents because in the long run, you’ll get caught in the web of lies that you create. I’ve been there and done that. Most of the time, parents will always find out what you’ve done or what you’re planning to do. Just remember that!




  1. Shauna Smith says:

    I think you are giving great advice. If you keep the trust of your parents by being honest you will have a lot more opportunities to go out and do what you want.. I have two teens, they are very opposite one very honest the other not so honest but I try hard to teach them how much easier it is to be honest. If you lie you have something to hide and worry about… it can weigh on you! Great post and thank you for sharing it!!

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